Possible Swine Flu Exposure of Student Attending Montessori School?

My son is attending Montessori Pre-School in Pahoa, and I was notified by one of the teachers this morning of a “POSSIBLE UNCONFIRMED” case of a student that may have been exposed to the “Swine Flu” last week when my son was in Disneyland.

There were only a couple students attending school today out of more then thirty.  The teacher has told me that the student has recovered.

Other parents have apparently kept their children home from school today… so in being safe rather then sorry… I too am keeping my son home today.

I don’t want to cause any panic… and I want to make sure I’m real clear that there has been “NO CONFIRMATION” that it was swine flu.

When the teacher herself said the words and was taking the temperature of all students arriving  and asking questions such as was anyone sick in the family or household  and how was our traveling on the airplanes… etc. , that  was enough to tell me I wasn’t going to even risk it.

On a side note… this could happen at any school any place in America right now.

I have the upmost respect for the Staff and Faculty of Montessori Country  Schools and will always continually recommend it to any parent asking about a great pre-school on the Big Island.

I truly feel it is the best Pre-School on the Island.

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