Rod Thompson on the County Sunshine Violation

I just noticed on the Big Island Press Club site, that Rod Thompson has posted a .PDF file that might be interesting to those following the County Council Sunshine Violation.

…In greater detail, the OIP said, “Our statute’s very purpose is to protect the public’s right to be present during the Council’s discussion of council business…” Since council members can’t conduct business as a group out of public view, neither can they do it out of view in a series of individual meetings, OIP said. The agency quoted a comment on a Florida open meeting law, “It is elementary that officials cannot do indirectly what they are prevented from doing directly…”

You can view the .PDF file and the rest of Rod’s Blog posting here.

P.S. It is good to see both Hugh and Rod using the BIPC site as it was designed to be used.

*No disclosure needed… I’m very happy to say that I had nothing to do with this recent update of the BIPC site!

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