Top Hawaii Blogs… I’m in the Game?

I just came across an interesting site that ranks blogs across the state of Hawaii.  I’m stoked to see a few other FBI Bloggers on the list and wonder why some others aren’t?  I don’t consider the FBI Blogs site a “Personal Blog” so I guess they didn’t either.

I’m blown away by my ranking on some of these lists.  I obviously have a lot to learn because I see a lot of n/a’s next to my blog that could probably increase my ranking.

Here is their list of the top blogs in different categories, I of course think all blogs are great:


I just read Ian Lind’s post today “Sunday… Overcast Morning, Hawaii Blog Rankings, and Saturday Dinner”  and he had the following to say about the list:

…I received this email a couple of days ago.

Maybe you’re interested to know that you’re ranked at #4 on the Hawaii top 75 in blogRank. This list tracks close to 20,000 blogs and evaluates them based on 16 different factors. The algorithm we use is far superior to any other, IMHO. It just took us over 8 months to develop this. I would love to hear your feedback.

I hadn’t heard of this ranking system before, but a quick look found that it was announced back in May.

It’s interesting, but I’m still not sure what to make of it all. Comparing blogs of such different types, subjects, and resources is difficult, and the factors that go into the overall ranking have drawn lots of critical comments. Blogs rise and fall quite a way in the ranks depending on which of their technical factors you look at. In other settings, you would take that as evidence that there isn’t much agreement on just what should be measured, and not much reliability between different attempts to measure the influence and weight of different blogs.

So I take it with a big grain of salt at this point, but it makes for an interesting list nonetheless. I’m still working my way through the list looking at Hawaii blogs I wasn’t previously familiar with.

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