Rod Thompson on the County Sunshine Violation

I just noticed on the Big Island Press Club site, that Rod Thompson has posted a .PDF file that might be interesting to those following the County Council Sunshine Violation.

…In greater detail, the OIP said, “Our statute’s very purpose is to protect the public’s right to be present during the Council’s discussion of council business…” Since council members can’t conduct business as a group out of public view, neither can they do it out of view in a series of individual meetings, OIP said. The agency quoted a comment on a Florida open meeting law, “It is elementary that officials cannot do indirectly what they are prevented from doing directly…”

You can view the .PDF file and the rest of Rod’s Blog posting here.

P.S. It is good to see both Hugh and Rod using the BIPC site as it was designed to be used.

*No disclosure needed… I’m very happy to say that I had nothing to do with this recent update of the BIPC site!

Second Big Island Geek Up Scheduled

Big Island tech guru Larry Czerwonka has set up the second meeting for Big Island residents wishing to meet and greet with Big Island folks that enjoy the internet in one way or another.

Let’s Meet Big Island Internet Fans

Saturday, Aug. 8th 1:00 pm

At Big Island Pizza


In case you missed the first one… You can see pictures from that event here on my blog, as well as at My Hawaiian Home.

The $70,000 Barrier

Dr. Alan Tice, a Honolulu internist, describes an example of how the current health system has built barriers that lower–if not endanger–patient care and end up costing physicians $70,000 a year in futility. He spoke to Congressman Neil Abercrombie second healthcare forum in Honolulu on July 1, 2009.


NWA… My Return to Compton, California

The last two times I’ve gone to California I have made it a point to stop by my grandmothers house on my Dad’s side of the family.

House is still the same after 30 some years

House is still the same after 30 some years

My grandmother lives in Compton, California.

In 2009, the CQ Press using data from F.B.I. “Crime in the United States 2008” rated Compton as the 2nd most dangerous city in America.[4] In 2006, the Morgan Quitno Corporation rated Compton as the most dangerous city in the United States.[5] The city is notorious for gang violence, primarily caused by the Bloods, the Crips and numerous Mexican gangs. Compton’s violent reputation was popularized in the late 1980s by the rise to prominence of local gangsta rap groups Compton’s Most Wanted and especially N.W.A. and Eazy-E, who released the famous albums Straight Outta Compton and Eazy-Duz-It in 1988. Since then, “Compton” has been synonymous with anything ghetto or gang-related. Compton has a homicide rate about eight times higher than the national average, most of which are gang killings. Economic conditions and Compton’s location as the center of the South Los Angelesghettos” make crime prevention more difficult. Although crime rates had been falling for years after the crack epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s, Compton has in recent years witnessed spikes in the rate of violent crime.

Going back to Compton the first time after some 25 years about 5 years ago was an experience… however, this one was even more of an experience.

The first time I went back five years ago, was when my wife and I were following the UH Football team around and they were playing USC one week and the next week they were playing UNLV in Las Vegas and my wife and I decided to take a road trip with the team.

It was weird that time because I was only planning on meeting up with my grandmother after all these years, but somehow, word got out that I was coming in to town and I had about 20 relatives show up.

It was the morning of the USC vs. UH Football game and I was so overwhelmed by the flood of emotions that happened to me that morning, that I don’t even remember the football game that well… other then the fact that UH got their asses handed to them.

This past trip last week, grandma’s house in Compton had even more surprises for me.

I met up with my one of my half brothers, Kane, whom I hadn’t seen for over 28 years and hadn’t even been in contact until the last two years thanks to the internet at his wifes parent’s house where they gracefully accepted me into their Hispanic household.

Me and My brother reunite after 28 years

My Brother and I reunite after 28 years

After meeting my brother and his wifes family, we followed them into Compton to meet up with my grandmother.

My son, my bro and my grandmother

My son, my bro and my grandmother

When we arrived I knew something was up as there were a lot of cars in the driveway.

A couple of my Uncles

A couple of my Uncles

My bro and I quickly realized that this was going to be an interesting evening when out of nowhere,  my father that I have not communicated with for over 28 years and Kane himself pretty much disowned him as well when he was younger,  strolled into the house.

Dad talking to my brother and one of my "tiny" cousins

Dad talking to my brother and one of my "tiny" cousins

I myself really didn’t have much to say to him at first and didn’t really even know what to say to the guy that has been in the back of my mind all these years… I mean it was him that conceived half of me.

Interesting shirt dad

Interesting shirt dad

I kicked back with my cousins and stayed away from my father for most of the night, because I’ve always told myself that I might ring his neck for some of the things he has done to my family.

Me can cuz "Coach Damu"

Me and cuz "Coach Damu"

It was interesting to hear about some of the stories of some of my cousins and family members that have grown up in Compton.

My bro and cousin

My bro and cousin

By the time folks started to leave… we forgot to gather for a family picture… however, this is a picture of the the “Tucker’s” that remained by the time we did get a chance to take a picture.

A bunch of Tucker's

A bunch of Tucker's

I’m glad I have reunited with my dad’s side of the family and will make a point to  continue to visit them when I get the chances to go to California.

Top Hawaii Blogs… I’m in the Game?

I just came across an interesting site that ranks blogs across the state of Hawaii.  I’m stoked to see a few other FBI Bloggers on the list and wonder why some others aren’t?  I don’t consider the FBI Blogs site a “Personal Blog” so I guess they didn’t either.

I’m blown away by my ranking on some of these lists.  I obviously have a lot to learn because I see a lot of n/a’s next to my blog that could probably increase my ranking.

Here is their list of the top blogs in different categories, I of course think all blogs are great:


I just read Ian Lind’s post today “Sunday… Overcast Morning, Hawaii Blog Rankings, and Saturday Dinner”  and he had the following to say about the list:

…I received this email a couple of days ago.

Maybe you’re interested to know that you’re ranked at #4 on the Hawaii top 75 in blogRank. This list tracks close to 20,000 blogs and evaluates them based on 16 different factors. The algorithm we use is far superior to any other, IMHO. It just took us over 8 months to develop this. I would love to hear your feedback.

I hadn’t heard of this ranking system before, but a quick look found that it was announced back in May.

It’s interesting, but I’m still not sure what to make of it all. Comparing blogs of such different types, subjects, and resources is difficult, and the factors that go into the overall ranking have drawn lots of critical comments. Blogs rise and fall quite a way in the ranks depending on which of their technical factors you look at. In other settings, you would take that as evidence that there isn’t much agreement on just what should be measured, and not much reliability between different attempts to measure the influence and weight of different blogs.

So I take it with a big grain of salt at this point, but it makes for an interesting list nonetheless. I’m still working my way through the list looking at Hawaii blogs I wasn’t previously familiar with.