Gone… But Not Out

What a whirl wind week of politics I missed here on the Big Island.

I’d just like to say congrats to those involved in getting this council re-org into the public’s light.

You folks know who you are.

I feel like I took a vacation at just the perfect time… Right as the crap hit the FAN!

Can you hear us now Big Island Politicians?

I will be relentless in bringing county government here on this island to the public in the next year.

I have yet to play my trump card.

Can you hear us now politicians?

I’m gonna lay low and let my body adjust from a short… but very long vacation in a ways.

My legs are burning, my mind is spinning, and my heart is pounding.

A lot has happened this past week.

Big Island… be prepared to be woken up.

The Sleeping Giant Has ONLY begun to PEEP!

This wheel is getting greased and I’m gonna bitch until you politicians start listening to your constituents.

This historic ruling… is just the beginning.

3 Responses

  1. Hokari. Great pics.

  2. Glad your back,

    Call me and lets work on some toons for the dog and pony council.

    The Lack

  3. WELCOME HOME !! and thanks for keeping your FBI site up and running while you and your family were off on Thunder Mountain and playing with Mickey Mouse and friends. MW

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