Wayfinding and Navigation Festival

October 16th – 18th 2009 at the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii.
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A Hui Hou

The sign says it all.
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On Vacation… But Not Gone

Well I’m heading off to the mainland to see my Brother-in-law, his wife and their new baby… as well as take my son to some of the things I remember growing up during the summer times when I lived with my father in California.

I’ll still be posting to this site via my phone, however, they might just be alot of short sweet posts with pictures as I hate using the keyboard on my phone.

I’ll also be posting a lot to twitter and I’ve moved my twitter feed to the top left of this site for the week.

I’ll still be able to approve comments, so feel free to comment away.


Disneyland Vacation

Welcome Aboard Traci Toguchi

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on Oahu so I don’t follow folks that closely as much as used to when I was living there.

These are the Oahu folks that I currently follow on my Blogroll:

There is another great blog that I’m going to be following a bit more closely.

And that’s Traci Toguchi’s Blog.

Traci Toguchi

Here’s a quick look at her Bio:

TRACI TOGUCHI is a Renaissance Chick. She is a singer, songwriter, actor, marketing strategist consultant, holistic entertainment/e-coach, evolving web developer (CIW certified), and former Miss Hawaii interested in all things tech, art, food, green/organic, and entrepreneur-focused.

Besides the above, Traci also enjoys spending time with her loved ones, being an aunt, hiking, playing the guitar, watercolor painting, and researching, exploring and living sustainably. Says Traci, “I’m inspired by people who choose to see the good and let that be their guide through the ups and downs in life.”

Entertainer Highlights:

• Recording Artist/Songwriter/Publisher, including writing and singing the theme songs for “Better” (U.S. syndication) and “More” national TV shows

• Hoku Award nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year

• Miss Saigon Broadway tour cast member

• Actor in TV and films including Lost, Hawaii, BlackMale, The Karate Kid Part II, CDW Technology national commercials

• National Anthem Singer on ESPN live worldwide broadcasts. Won talent competitions including Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem, New York.

Not onlyl is Traci a great person, she is also very active in with Social Networking and you can tweet with her at her Twitter account @tracitoguchi.

Welcome aboard to my blogroll and thanks again for the gifts you gave my ohana.

BJ Penn’s Pool Jump?

This video that BJ Penn released has been going viral on the internet.

You think this is real… or do you think they staged this and reversed the film?


One Excited Kid

So my son and I are at the barber’s shop right now. He is obviously very excited about this Disney trip we are taking.

I’d like to say mahalo to my sponsors before I head out… you know who you are.
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The Black Sun From the Big Island