Dark Night with the Coquis

*Update* The power is now back on at 11:24

We are having a power outage right now, so I thought this would be a good chance to practice posting to my blog.

My blog will be filled with weird stuff as I try and figure out this mobile live posting.

One application allows me to post pictures… apparently this one doesn’t.  So be it… practice makes perfect.  (Merged posts after power came on)


Well the power has been off for almost an hour now.

It’s amazing how loud these damn coqui frogs are with no electricity running around the house.

It must have been so peaceful at night without these frogs.

I’m glad my sons gone to sleep already. We have a long night of travel to California tomorrow.

Well I was hoping the power would be back on by the time I finished this… but it’s not.
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A Field Trip to Big Island Candies With an Assist from The Intercultural Twilight Zone

Big Island Candies

Well The Intercultural Twilight Zone  sure took the winds out of my sail with his recent blog today “Why Japanese Love BIC

You can find Big Island Candies at 585 Hinano Street in Hilo, Hawaii.


Since he did such a great job with the post… I’m just gonna throw pictures in with his words.  I myself went down their today to pick up some cookies for some friends and family on the mainland.  The place is a great place for several reasons.

(Intercultural Twilight Zone = RED)

Big Island Candies

BIC has crafted a product and shopping experience that Japanese customers absolutely love.

Big Island Candies

Some of BIC’s “secrets” to success include:

They hand you coffee and a cookie when you walk in the door. How can you not feel good?

Big Island Candies

The layout and decor are aesthetically beautiful…




…the gift wrapping exquisite; they’ve even partnered with Sig Zane to design some of their packaging (Japanese culture places high value on beauty, a legacy of their Shinto and Buddhist traditions)




The store is well lit and sparkles; the shiny kitchen is openly displayed beyond the big glass windows (Japanese love cleanliness, a legacy from their Shinto tradition)



On busy days every aisle has a Japanese/bilingual person available to answer questions


Employees provide great service: when the check-out lines start getting busy BIC employees quickly open another register so customers can be checked out quickly and efficiently


BIC candy and cookies use just the right amount of sugar (not as sweet as most American candy/cookies)–the Japanese think BIC’s products have the right level of sweetness



BIC is set up to ship product anywhere in the world, a big help for Japanese who have too much omiyage to drag home anyway.


Well I’d like to personally thank The Intercultural Twilight Zone for providing such excellent analysis on the place.

If you want to see his full blog on Big Island Candies, you can find it here.


Slot Machine Parlor in Hilo

I went to a few places in town today, and I was getting a Sandwich at that spot across from the Civic when this business caught my attention.

Triple 7

On the sign there were all kinds of warning about kids must be present with their parents to enter…  So I was thinking what kind of Arcade would have a sign that says that.

Well I walked in an there was walls of slot machines and people playing them.


I couldn’t believe my eyes… I felt like I was in Vegas or something.  I even checked to see what they were doing and they were playing with “Tokens”.

I tried to find someone to talk to about this… but no one was around at the time.

One of the signs I read was “you can hold the machine overnight until the morning” another read “You will loose 400 if you are caught playing on two machines  at a time”..

Of course they were playing with Tokens…. and I don’t have a clue as to what that 400 meant… It just said 400 deducted from your account.

I have to wonder about the legality of this place… there sure were a few folks in there that seemed very obsessesed with what they were doing.

Slots in Hilo

Councilwoman Emily Naeole on Meeting the Emperor of Japan

I bumped into 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole today at an event for school supplies.

She was selected to meet Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan recently at the Mauna Kea Hotel.

Here she talks about this once in a life time experience.


Pahoa to Get New Police Station and Vehicle Registration & Licensing Division

I just noticed this sign in front of the new Pahoa Fire Station.

2009 07 18 09 37 23

Here is a picture of the artist’s rendition of it:

Please warm the Pahoa pool

I’m sitting here at the Pahoa pool trying to give my son lessons but the water is so cold he keeps getting out.

Pahoa Pool

Please heat the Pahoa pool. Heck I might even jump in if it was just a bit warmer.