Open Invite to the “Anonymous” Commentors and Curtis

I have three people that I’m very keyed into as setting up with blogs.


This is my invite to you folks to set up your own blogs.

I swear to IVANTATUM and SHEWHOREMBERS on my “Blog” that I would NEVER OUT you folks if you wanted to set up anonymous blogs on your own that tells the story of Big Island politics that needs to be said in an open format.

I can provide this … If you folks want your own little place in the world for all of us to comment on your knowledge of what’s going on.

This would be so great to have “Deep Throat Bloggers” on the Big Island ready to expose anything….

Let me know…

I stand by my word,

Damon Tucker

Damontucker @ or @damontucker on twitter.

2 Responses

  1. According to Tiffany on a previous BIC post Curtis is not interested in his own blog. Although I think it would be great for him to have one of his own with all the history of this island, I think it also adds variety to BIC.

    I agree with Keahi though. Do we live in a communist county when citizens can’t speak up out of fear of retaliation?

    (although we probably do, but it hasn’t stopped either one of us….lol)

  2. Anonymous shows one of two things.

    1. A lack of courage.
    2. A problem with freedom of speech in the someone fears using their real name.

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