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Control Freaks… Are You Killing Me?

Someone asked me why I’m so interested in the amount of members of Friends of Puna’s Future (FoPF).

Well, it’s because I know the intention of the organization, as a former charter member,  is to make itself look big and I know Rob Tucker is trying to get enough members formed to get a lawsuit against the county.

He won’t give numbers… because he wants FoPF to seem bigger then it is… when it isn’t.

I was then questioned about my “control” on members of the FBI Blogs by someone pretty close to this situation and I was like… WTF… I don’t have any anonymous bloggers posting to the FBI Blogs and they are all quite frank and honest who they are.

Pfft… Control freaks… (I’m killing you RJ)

Some people want to control others… Others like to give control to the people.

Are you a controller… or are you an enabler?

Let’s think about things… do you give free expression away… or do you attempt to charge to bring members into an organization… and then limit their speech?


Power to the people… FBI BLOGGERS RULE…. we do what we like… W/OUT someone telling us what we can do… (well except for me telling a few folks not to throw swear words on their fucking headlines)… DARREN… (just teasing)

As I’ve said to all the FBI Bloggers… feel free to blog about what you want… I have no control over you… and I won’t try to… or charge you for it.

Those wishing to join Friends of Puna’s Future… may want to think twice about joining this organization.

I joined it… paid $100.00 and have been outcasted by Rob Tucker for not being able to be “controlled”.

So with full disclosure… this is the profiles of all the FBI Bloggers… and has been available to anyone wanting to look at them at anytime  by simply hitting “PROFILES” on the FBI Blog site:

Aaron Stene

Andrea Dean

Andrea Jasper

Andrew Cooper

Anna Webb


Barbara Uechi

Baron Sekiya

Bobbie Sullivan

Brad Cavanagh

Bree Wee


Charles Bohannan

Damon Tucker


David Corrigan

Devany Vickery-Davidson

Greg Henkel

Ilka (new member)

Janice Crowl (new member)

Jay Fitzgerald

Karen Welsh


Larry O’Brien

Leslie Lang

Margaret Wille

Nancy Cook Lauer

Richard Ha

RJ Mendoza

Sonia Martinez

Tim Sullivan



Wayne Joseph


3 Responses

  1. Why are you posting this all here when it is clearly available to the FBI blogs site? Do they not know how to point, click, read and comprehend or do you have to hold their hand the whole way?

    And by “they” I of course mean the people that are giving you fecal matter.

  2. Damon,

    Lest you bask excessively in your censorial control over my potty-titles, let me assure you that “Hope That Grows Shit” was changed, to the less-street-credible, “Scatological Hope” , BEFORE your advisement..

    Let me assure your perspicacious readers that, in any case, the posting still features a scantily-clad Paris Hilton doing things with clothespins that they’ve perhaps never seen. (See? I can pimp my shit too..)

  3. Damon,

    sigh me up, or how do I get on the FBI’s blog roll?

    The Lack

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