Live Blogging From Today’s Meet Up

I’m going to be posting quite a bit too my blog today.

Through technology, I can post to my blog, twitter, and facebook taking videos, photographs, and just sending off messages from my phone.  This is more like beta testing for me, because I’ll be taking a trip soon and I want to try and figure out the logistics and the best way to post to my blog from the field.

I thought of setting up a completely different site for this today… but I’m feeling a bit lazy and I want to see how this works.

To view the Twitter feed where I will be posting occasional videos from the event you can check the top left corner.

I will be sending pictures and short blog comments directly to my blog.

I’m still working out the kinks to send video to my blog from out in the field.

Everyone is welcome to come down.  We will be meeting at Big Island Pizza at 1:00.

Big Island internet meet-up

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