Mahalo to All Who Came to the Big Island Meet Up

Well today a few folks who enjoy using the internet in one way or another met up at Big Island Pizza in downtown Hilo.

Big Island Pizza Meet Up

I snapped this pictures as I was driving by to get to the place.

Big Island Pizza is located in a building that was obviously a house at some point.

Parking in Back

Parking in Back

There were about 20 people that showed up all together.

2009-07-11 13.29.19

We all introduced ourselves one at at time.

Big Island Entrepreneur Grif Frost talks about some of his business ventures

Big Island Entrepreneur Grif Frost talks about some of his business ventures

We talked about anything and everything that was on our minds.

Pig Island Pizza

I’d like to personally thank the folks that drove over from Kona to attend this Aaron Stene and Laura Kinoshita.  You guys literally drove longer then the meet up was.

Streaming Live from Big Island Pizza Hastag #bialoha

Streaming Live from Big Island Pizza - Twitter Hashtag #bialoha

It was a great meet up by a diverse group of people.

@karenwelsh - @eggiepuff @wika2

@karenwelsh @eggiepuff @wika2

And there were a few clowns there as well. ;)

@myhawaiianhome, punajon's Wife, @punajon, Tom Lackey

@myhawaiianhome, punajon's Wife, @punajon, Tom Lackey

Of course most of us were there to talk story… But I did not forget what I was there for:

The Best Big Island Pizza

The Best Big Island Pizza

I have to say a big Mahalo for contributing the food for this meet up to Big Island Pizza.



They even hooked us up with desserts.

Cookies anyone?

Cookies anyone?

Someone pointed out to me that this wasn’t a real oven when I was taking a picture of it… I kind of thought the people inside of it was a bit of a give-a-way.

Baked People?

Baked People?

I ‘d like to thank Big Island Tech Guru Larry Czerwonka for organizing this and Big Island Pizza for hosting this.

It’s looking like we are going to start meetings in the future with more of a target for what we would like to talk about as a group at our next meeting.

This was just more of face to face introduction amongst a bunch of us folks that enjoy the Internet.

Big Island Meet UP

I appreciated the good company, great food and brilliant ideas that were being tossed around the campfire today.

Is Puna at War?

I just read an interesting comment:

You know, after some thought… Puna is at war…

The “No Change No Way” side and the “Can we at least move into the 20th Century” side are at war.

Problem is, the 20th Century side has no voice and is defeated at almost every turn.

Live Blogging From Today’s Meet Up

I’m going to be posting quite a bit too my blog today.

Through technology, I can post to my blog, twitter, and facebook taking videos, photographs, and just sending off messages from my phone.  This is more like beta testing for me, because I’ll be taking a trip soon and I want to try and figure out the logistics and the best way to post to my blog from the field.

I thought of setting up a completely different site for this today… but I’m feeling a bit lazy and I want to see how this works.

To view the Twitter feed where I will be posting occasional videos from the event you can check the top left corner.

I will be sending pictures and short blog comments directly to my blog.

I’m still working out the kinks to send video to my blog from out in the field.

Everyone is welcome to come down.  We will be meeting at Big Island Pizza at 1:00.

Big Island internet meet-up

Big Island Breakers Give It Up for Michael Jackson

I noticed this post the other day on the Intercultural Twilight Zone.

These Big Island breakers did what I consider a fascinating take on some of Michael Jacksons dances at the recent July 4th Kailua Kona block party.

I didn’t even realize that we had dancers that were this good on this Island!