Swine Theft?


I should have mentioned this a while back but I have been side tracked, however it’s now something I’d like to bring up.

Some of you may remember me blogging about the pig traps that my father-in-law built to trap pigs in that were stomping around the farm.  The intention was to trap the pigs to keep them from damaging the area and raise them to give the pigs away or eat later on.

Pig Trap

Later I posted that we were successful in capturing pigs and were holding them in a pen.

Well I forgot to mention that a while back… my FIL went to the farm and it appeared that someone had stole the pigs that were in the holding kennel.

They apparently had cut through a fence to attempt to take the pigs… as it was very apparent that they cut through the fence to take the pigs.

So he called the police and reported the swine thefts, however, the weird thing happened and after the police report was made… the pigs all came back to where he was herding them!

So what this tells me… is that it was obviously hunter’s that were trying to free the pigs so that they could capture and kill them later.

Come on Hunters… I know it’s all fair in the wildlife… but these pigs came onto our property and we were/are raising them and feeding them for our consumption later.

Coming onto our property to free these pigs was not right… nor was it right damaging our pig pen.

So to whomever was going up on are farm and trying to take our pigs… just wanted to let you know they have all been moved off the farm except for “Gimpy” the one pig that were keeping around cause she/he just wasn’t healthy enough to give away.

She/he get’s to roam our farm…  and doesn’t seem to miss being penned up…

We now have a new pig pen… and we just let gimpy roam free.

Gimp comes and goes when he hears us coming to the farm… but I think Gimp is smart enough to hide late at night when the hunters come around.

New Pig Pen

3 Responses

  1. Damon,
    As you know your father in law and my husband are first cousins and we own the property near your families farm. About the time that this happened a certain hunter (Gregory C—–a), that we have asked to leave are area alone, was up here. I called the police and asked them to talk to him and let him know he does not have permission from any neighbor to be up here. I have not seen him since! Lets hope he stays away!

  2. guess times are really tough

  3. Maybe Kelly Greenwell is rounding up the pigs for his new pig farm that the Guntanamo boys are going to run for him.

    The Lack

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