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Let’s Meet Up @BigIslandPizza

Big Island Pizza

Big Island tech “Guru” Larry Czerwonka has put the following together for this Saturday:

Come Talk Story With Your Internet Friends

This Saturday July 11th at 1:00 pm we will be getting together at Big Island Pizza to meet In Real Life and Talk Story.

If you are in town come on by and join us. We will also have wifi so we can surf the web.

If anyone wants to meet and talk story with some of the key players of Big Island’s internet and social media industries… come on down.

who’s coming (so far):

@larryczerwonka +1







@myHawaiianHome +1



who may show up (so far):

@broaloha +2


Mr. Czerwonka only thought of this a few days ago and the group is looking for other people that enjoy the internet.

You don’t have to be a Twitter User to attend either, if you want to sign up and you don’t have a twitter handle, simply write your name in where it say’s your Twitter Name and you’re still welcome to stop by and talk story.

Of course if you’re in the area… feel free to stop by as well.

You can see Mr. Czerwonka’s invitation here.

Police Community Response Survey Was NOT Anonymous… What a Bunch of Monkeys

In May I blogged about the Hawaii County Police Department conducting a Community Response Survey.

In today’s Hawaii Tribune Herald, it was reported:

Between June 1 and June 30, 374 people took the 38-question community satisfaction survey that was released on Monday. The anonymous Internet-based survey was purchased from surveymonkey.com and provided only the results of the survey to the police department.

Police Chief Harry Kubojiri said he did not remember a satisfaction survey having been conducted by the department recently…

Now I’m highlighting “Anonymous” because once they purchased the survey from “Survey Monkey” they have access to the IP addresses of everyone that responded to that survey.

From those IP addresses, they can tell who responded to what questions and where they are located.

This is scary to think that the police would call a survey anonymous, but then collect IP addresses of the people conducting the survey.

From the Survey Monkey website itself… it even suggests how the Surveys could turn off the IP Data Collection button…


But then why would the Police Department need to pay anything for Survey Monkey when the Data they have released is all available for free using Survey Monkey. By paying for the service… they get the IP Collection.

Big Mahalo to Jay’s Custom Cabinets

I’d just like to say a big MAHALO to Jay’s Custom Cabinets for volunteering to install this beautiful new sink at Montessori Country School so that the kids can wash their hands.

My son actually dragged me to the back to show it off to me and he is so proud of it.
2009 07 08 08 05 23

You can check out their website here. They are a local business and the school certainly appreciates the donation.