Let’s Examine This Picture

There are a few things that could be pointed out in this picture.

There is an obvious issue…

School Uniforms

But there is some other issues that disturb me about this sign… I will see if anyone else picks up on it.

I love this school and my son would have gone here had he not gotten accepted into Kamehameha.

Pahoa High and Intermediate

If a public school mandates that uniforms will be worn… should we the taxpayers pay for these uniforms?

I think all schools should have uniforms and I don’t think parents should have to pay out of their pockets for the uniforms.

Free Pizza and Pool in Pahoa

I just noticed the following sign outside of Pahoa Village Cafe.

I don’t know what the catch is, as I was in a hurry to get to my son’s swim lessons.
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Neil Abercrombie Linked to Kickback Scheme?

Richard “Rick” Ianieri, the former CEO of a Pennsylvania contractor who has been indicted for taking $200,000 in kickbacks, was a big donor to Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) and other Democrats over the last six years.

According to Federal Election Commission records, Ianieri gave more than $50,000 to Democrats, including $17,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and $13,500 to Murtha’s re-election campaign and leadership fund, Majority PAC.

The charges against Ianieri are only the latest chapter of the growing scandal surrounding Murtha, the veteran Democrat who chairs the powerful Defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. Murtha accused of any wrongdoing in the Ianieri case.

Rep. Peter Visclosky (D-Ind.), who has come under federal investigation over his ties to the PMA Group, a now defunct lobbying firm, received $9,600 from Ianieri via his re-election campaign and Calumet PAC, his leadership political action committee.

Other Democratic recipients of Ianieri’s campaign donations include Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and Reps. Mike Doyle (Pa.), Patrick Murphy (Pa.), Joe Sestak (Pa.), Chet Edwards (Texas), and Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii)

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