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Butt Ugly Pays Another Visit

So I keep getting visited by “Butt Ugly“.

This morning I went outside to check things out and I looked on the ground and saw this.

buttugly 001

Upon closer review… it turns out that it was one of my “Butt Ugly” friends a Bipalium Kwense.

buttugly 004

This buggah was about 14 inches long.

buttugly 002

And of course… it had it’s unique looking flat head – shovel looking head.

buttugly 003

Just a reminder, former Tribune Herald reporter Dave Smith had the following to say about these worms:

Dave Smith, on April 7th, 2009 at 4:45 pm Said:

FYI, I believe these can also be carriers of the rat lungworm parasite, altho I’m not sure how much they frequent lettuce or other garden items.

4 Responses

  1. They are predatory – they eat earthworms and the like. Don’t know of a rat lungworm issue and have never seen one on a plant. They could eat slugs though so there may be a threat via that. I have seen plenty – never touched one though — too slimy!!

  2. Hey Damon, never seen one of these in my yard on the Big Island, are they on the East or the West Side? I have seen plenty of centepedes while working in the yard…but never this!

  3. YUCK!!! It looks like a tape worm, hoping to get in some one’s stomach.

  4. Hawaii doesn’t need snakes… it has hammerhead worms. Amazing stuff – I’ve never seen them. Thanks for the information!

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