Sensible Simplicity… Growing Potatoes

Puna blogger Jay Fitzgerald often blogs about growing his own food on his blog “Sensible Simplicity“.

In one of  his more recent posts “Food Forest Project Update” Jay writes:

“… Well, let’s just say this sort of farming works…”

Jay is making pretty good progress as he has changed what was basically a jungle into a “Food Forest”.

My wifes family are eight generation farmers here in Hawaii so they have been growing their own food for many years.

The latest project… Potatoes!

Got Spudz

Got Spudz

These aren’t potatoes like the mainland type… these are a bunch of different varieties that my Father-in-Law has collected over the last few weeks from all over the island.

Amy Greenwell Potatoes on left

Amy Greenwell Potatoes on left

Anyone that knows my family… knows that they love “Poi” as their main starch… It will be nice to get away from Poi for awhile and eat some Potatoes!

Pahoa Community Aquatics Center – SHOWERS FOR SWIMMERS ONLY!

My son started his summer swim lessons again at the Pahoa Aquatics Center.

The Entrance to the Pool

The Entrance to the Pool

It’s really a great deal.  Only $10.00 for 10 lessons spread out through two weeks.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The best thing about the pool, is that it’s free to use any other time.

Two Diving Boards

Two Diving Boards

There is always ample parking too.

Lots of Parking Stalls

Lots of Parking Stalls

Here are the hours that you can swim for the rest of the summer:

June 15 – July 24, 2009

Adult Lap Swim ONLY 9:00 – 1:00 pm Mon-Fri
Public Recreational Swim 1:00 –  4:40 pm Mon-Fri

July 27 – August 31, 2009

Adult Lap & Recreational Swim w/parent 9:00 – 2:00 pm Mon-Fri
Public Recreational Swim 1:00 –  4:40 pm Wed
Public Recreational Swim 2:00 –  4:40 pm M/T/Th/F
Novice Swim Team (starts 8/10) 2:30 – 3:30 pm Mon-Fri


Public Recreational Swim 9:00 – 4:40 pm Sat/Sun/Hol

For you parents that are worried about the little ones who can’t swim just yet… they do have the “Kiddie Pool” as well.

2009-07-06 11.22.04

But folks, all I ask is that you just don’t go there to use the showers and clean yourself up during the times when our young kids are having lessons… There is a sign that says:



You can check out more information about the pool on this site.

I sure wish that they would heat the damn pool.  I hear that they have the capability to do it… but aren’t just to save electricity.

This little dragon was freezing his butt off when he got out.

My Little Dragon

My Little Dragon

Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Honors the Hawaii Tribune Herald

Media Release:

One hundred twenty members and guests attended the 2009-10 Hawai`i Island Chamber of Commerce annual installation dinner at the Hilo Yacht Club on June 29th. The night started out with jazz entertainment by the Gregg Perry Trio. The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, a long-time Chamber business, was honored. Outgoing president Barbara Hastings of Hastings and Pleadwell shared her gratitude and insights before passing the gavel to newly installed president Mary Begier of Mary Begier Realty. Begier presented a plaque to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald in appreciation of their coverage of community events, sponsorships and community contributions. Mark Miranda, Governor Lingle’s liaison, and Kevin Dayton, executive assistant to Mayor Kenoi, awarded certificates to HICC member Ted Dixon, publisher of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Members and guests also heard about the state and future of the newspaper business from HICC member Mike Middlesworth, past manager with the Honolulu Advertiser.  A video produced by Dave Corrigan of Big Island Video News was shown, illustrating the inner workings of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Kylie Alexandra, Community Planning Assistant for the EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 Community-Based Vision and Living Action Plan, swore in the new board, which consists of the following officers and directors: Mary Begier, President; Michael Gleason, President-Elect; Jon Miyata, Vice President; Vaughn Cook, Treasurer; Barbara A. Hastings, Immediate Past President. One-year directors: Jeanine Atebara, Kurt Corbin, Charles Ensey, Stan Fortuna Jr., Stewart Hussey, Randy Kurohara, Karina Leasure, Linda Levine, Spencer Oliver, Robert C. Porter, Marcia Sakai, Steve Ueda. Two-year directors: Howard Ainsley, Charles Erskine, Judith Fox-Goldstein, Marco Mangelsdorf, Eugene Nishimura, Glenn Santos, Margaret Shiba, Alice Sledge, Mele Spencer, Art Taniguchi, Ron Terry.

Butt Ugly Pays Another Visit

So I keep getting visited by “Butt Ugly“.

This morning I went outside to check things out and I looked on the ground and saw this.

buttugly 001

Upon closer review… it turns out that it was one of my “Butt Ugly” friends a Bipalium Kwense.

buttugly 004

This buggah was about 14 inches long.

buttugly 002

And of course… it had it’s unique looking flat head – shovel looking head.

buttugly 003

Just a reminder, former Tribune Herald reporter Dave Smith had the following to say about these worms:

Dave Smith, on April 7th, 2009 at 4:45 pm Said:

FYI, I believe these can also be carriers of the rat lungworm parasite, altho I’m not sure how much they frequent lettuce or other garden items.