Public Health Emergencies … Hawaii Sucks, Even Guam and American Samoa are Better!

Here in Hawaii, we  have faced a few “public health emergencies” in the last couple years.

Vog has created havoc for many residents, we recently had the the rat lungworm problem, and currently there is a Swine Flu virus running around.

A few days ago I blogged about the new Mobile Health Vehicle coming to the Big Island that will hopefully help in the case of a public health emergency.


…Georgia found itself in exotic company recently when federal officials evaluated readiness for public health emergencies.

Tied for sixth-worst among 56 states and territories, Georgia ranked ahead of Hawaii and the Northern Mariana Islands, for example, while trailing Guam and American Samoa.

I truly think Hawaii is a great place to live, but when I read things like our health care crisis, our government layoffs, and our education system… Often times I wonder about the future for my own son.

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