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VOG Buster Tea

I just saw the following at the Pahoa Cash and Carry checkout lines:

VOG Buster Tea

VOG Buster Tea

I don’t know if it works or not… Just thought it was kind of unusual.

My bet… is that all tea helps with VOG and they are just using the VOG to market this at a much more expensive price.

“Soothing Relief – Chinese Herbal Tradition”

Well I didn’t know they had much VOG in China…  Smog… yes… But VOG?

Ali`ipoe… Update

A couple of weeks ago I asked what this weed was:


Kuhao Zane was able to identify it:

…Its called ali`ipoe…. Its used in the uli uli(rattle) for hula. wait for the pods to turn brown”

Well I just noticed that the bottom pod has turned brown:



I also notice that we have a bunch more  of them starting to grow.  I wonder if they have any value?

Baby Ali`ipoe

Baby Ali`ipoe

Anyone want to buy an Ali`ipoe

Have More Sex, Lose Weight and Make More Money

Big Island resident Andrea Dean has a plan.

At First Glance

Click on the picture below to find out more about it:

women too

Oh… and while were on the subject… here is Burger Kings new ad:


Upon further review of the ad…

What is wrong with it?

The simple fact that they say “Juicy” instead of “Greasy” doesn’t make it misleading does it.

Public Health Emergencies … Hawaii Sucks, Even Guam and American Samoa are Better!

Here in Hawaii, we  have faced a few “public health emergencies” in the last couple years.

Vog has created havoc for many residents, we recently had the the rat lungworm problem, and currently there is a Swine Flu virus running around.

A few days ago I blogged about the new Mobile Health Vehicle coming to the Big Island that will hopefully help in the case of a public health emergency.


…Georgia found itself in exotic company recently when federal officials evaluated readiness for public health emergencies.

Tied for sixth-worst among 56 states and territories, Georgia ranked ahead of Hawaii and the Northern Mariana Islands, for example, while trailing Guam and American Samoa.

I truly think Hawaii is a great place to live, but when I read things like our health care crisis, our government layoffs, and our education system… Often times I wonder about the future for my own son.