Humpback Blue Beer… Tiny Bubbles

So in another installment and salute to my sponsor Hawaii Nui Brewing, I thought I would sample another one of their fine beers tonight.

Humpback Blue Beer

I’m not sure exactly why it’s called a “Blue” beer as it appeared to me more of a dark, rich, brown beer… of course that could have been the lighting.  One of the things I liked about it… It had lots of “Tiny Bubbles”.

This beer is pretty good.  I think I need to drink more then just one or two of these beers to figure out which one I want to go with when I start picking up my hard earned brews.

Humpback Blue Beer

Here is my previous post  of another “Sample” of their beers:

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  1. It’s my favorite of theirs…wish Cafe Pesto hadn’t stopped carrying it.

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