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    June 2009
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Nae’ole Aquatics Complex and KSBE “Transitions” Final Day

Sign on the pool at KSBE Keaau campus

Sign on the pool at KSBE Keaau campus

Today was the final day of my son’s two week Kamehameha Schools “Transition period”.  This is the time when the kids that are admitted to KSBE as Kindergartners get an orientation to the school and learn the basics about what the school is about.

The kids and the parents had a pool party today.

The Olympic size swim pool before the kids jumped in

The Olympic size swim pool before the kids jumped in

I mentioned the other day that my son got sick so since Friday we have kept him home.

We were only planning on bringing him there to say bye to his classmates until the “Real” Schooling starts in August and to contribute to the potluck and grab a bite to eat.



As soon he saw all the other kids swimming… he immediately got sad and wanted to go swimming.  I felt like a terrible father not letting him swim… so I told my wife I was going home to get his bathing suit so that he could swim at least for a little while.  My wife wasn’t happy…. but my son sure was!

"I got my way!"

"I got my way!"

The pool area is pretty sweet, even the bathrooms and changing areas were nice… and did I mention they have a Hot Tub!

The kids stayed out of the hot tub today.

The kids stayed out of the hot tub today.

After that, we went downtown to pick up his school uniforms.

Mill School Uniform Store downtown

Mill School Uniform Store downtown

Of course my wife and son were taking their sweet time trying on all sorts of clothes so I did the typical guy thing and bailed out and went and took the following pictures.

The beach next to the singing bridge

The beach next to the Wailuku humming bridge

And of course what blog on the Big Island wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the Hilo’s infamous humming Wailuku Bridge.

The Wailuku "Humming" Bridge

The Wailuku "Humming" Bridge

Hawaii Chapter of the SPJ Honors Cartoonist Corky Trinidad

Dave Briscoe, president of Hawaii Chapter of the Society of  Professional Journalists (SPJ), gives a tribute to Corky Trinidad during the annual awards banquet June 26, 2009, at the Dole Ballrooms. Then, Briscoe presents a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Trinidad’s son Lorenzo and wife Hana.


Anyone notice that the Star-Bulletin has been putting clips on youtube?  I find it ironic that I’m the first viewer of this clip and readers of this blog can view it before the Star-Bulletin readers can.

The Big Island Weekly was using youtube as well… but as I look at the number of views each clip had… I sure hope they didn’t invest a lot of money into that venture and it doesn’t look like they have been adding much of late at all.

Congresswoman Hirono Supports Courageous Women in Iran

Congresswoman Hirono recognizes Neda, a brave young woman who was shot and killed while joining Iranians in Tehran who were demonstrating against the presidential election results.



I was coming back from shopping at the mall today around 3:30, and I saw the following truck at the corner of the KTA/Prince Kuhio Mall Intersection.


Apparently he didn’t tie down all these steel brackets very well.  They were spilled across two lanes and traffic was a mess because of it.

Japan’s Majestic Emperor Akihito and Emperess Michiko on the Big Island in July

Japans Majestic Emperor Akihito and Emperess Michiko will begin a tour of Canada and the United States in two days.

In a few weeks, they will be spending one day on the Big Island.

Here is the itinerary for Their Majesties Emperor and Emperess of Japan’s visit to Canada and the US.   As you can see they will be spending the last day of the tour here on the Big Island.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

Some have speculated why they are coming here to the Big Island, but the following was recently announced:

…Akihito and Michiko will then visit Hawaii to attend ceremonies to mark the 50th anniversary of a scholarship foundation which was founded to commemorate the couple’s wedding.

Senator Daniel Inouye Speaks at the 20th Anniversary Tribute of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Recipient of the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Senator Daniel Inouye (D- Hawaii) speaks at the 20th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 and his experience in the 442nd Regimental Combat team.