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Mehana and Friends

Mehana and Friends

So I mentioned the other day that local Big Island Brew Company Hawaii Nui Brewing will be sponsoring this blog.

Hawaii Nui Brewing

I guess before I seal the deal… I need to figure out which premium beers of theirs is my favorite.

cash and carry

Pahoa Cash & Carry

I’m fortunate that Cash & Carry here in Pahoa happens to be the only place in Pahoa that carries the Hawaii Nui Brews, AND they will sell them by the individual bottle.  You can find a list of places they sell them throughout all of the Hawaii Islands here.

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Tonight I picked up three singles of three different types of their beer.  I’m sampling the Mehana Hawaii Lager tonight.

It’s a great tasting beer, but before I jump to conclusions and say this is the one for me… I will be trying all of their beers before I figure out which one I want to go with.  Knowing me… I’ll probably like them all and won’t be able to decide!

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  1. Hey Damon, howzit…

    Yea man, I really like Mehana beer. I have 2 growlers from them and every Monday you can go there and fill them up for a cheaper price than the rest of the week…

    Nice deal encouraging people to drink “liquid aloha”…

    Anyways, peace bruddah…

  2. Beer me, beer me, beer me baby.

    The Lack

  3. Thanks for sharing information on those beers, none of which I have tried. But after reading your post, and when I return from Okinawa/Taipei, I plan on giving them a try.
    Good to know we can buy them by the individual bottle.

    Makes me thirsty just reading your blog!

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