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  1. It’s been a while since the last post. I didn’t realize the coqui were so widespread. Has any progress been made in reducing the coqui population?
    I am wondering if a bunch of sterile rats could be let loose to consume the frogs, and then they die without reproducing. If domestic (rather than wild) sterile rats were let loose, it would be between 2-3 years before their natural lifespan would end, maybe longer if they enjoy lots of fresh frog. Would it be more cost effective / easier to get rid of a much smaller number of rats (as compared to the coqui) if they have accomplished the mission early, than the frogs? Maybe the rat population would even decrease somewhat if wild rats were wasting mating time with the sterile rats? Both problems might diminish over time if there are enough rats put out initially to cause a serious, continual decline the frog population.

  2. Wow! Sweet! Great video and I don’t know what I like better the sound of the coqui or the sound of the rat scrapping the top of my head! Haha!

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