Honolulu Star-Bulletin Refuses Anti-Obama Ad Because “…it is political”

I can’t verify the story that is posted below. I’m just passing along something I read.

I’m sure the Star-Bulletin probably turns down a lot of ads… I wonder how long they will be in Business? $7,000 probably could have paid the salary of two staff members for a couple of months.


Despite offering the full rate of $7,168.50 plus taxes for a full-page, color ad on page 2 of the news section of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin next Monday, the copy was rejected – the latest turn down by a growing list of media companies that won’t touch the birth certificate issue even for money.

I spoke to my publisher and unfortunately we cannot accept the ad because it is political,” explained Cyd Kamakea, classified advertising manager…

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3 Responses

  1. Must have been that Andy dude again.

  2. Kini –

    Would you like the hospital that you were born at to give your Birth Certificate out to any reporter that asked for it?

  3. Funny how just producing a simple document can make this all go away.

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