It’s All in the Legs

Tonight’s dinner… It’s all in the legs:

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I love King Crab… and I’m beginning to actually like it more then “Dunegeoness” crab.

Tonights Grinds - Alaskan King Crab and Chinese Food

Tonights Grinds - Alaskan King Crab and Chinese Food

For the next few nights, we have Ohana that has come in from the mainland, as well as some Ohana that will be leaving for the mainland.

Food is a great way to bring us all together… and let me tell you, we sure know how to clean house on the King Crab!

Small Pile

Small Pile

I was so stuffed on crab legs… that I couldn’t even eat dessert.


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  1. I agree with you on the King Crab legs, they are awesome! Almost as good as lobster!

    Hey, I thought you don’t like seafood????

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