Blow Hole Cliff Jumper Dives in and Climbs Out from a Sea Cave at South Point Big Island Hawaii

I walked up to look over the edge of a blow hole, forty plus feet deep. The ocean comes in and out of it through a keyhole cut into the cliff side. A local guy sees me, walks up and out on a rock ledge-claps his hands twice, makes a prayer, and times his jump with an incoming wave. At first I’m not sure where he’s at and then he shows up on the ocean side of the sea cave, swims back in and waits for a surge to catch a rock to climb up and out like a spider man.


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  1. Wow, that’s quite cool. I see by your tags it’s on Big Island. There are small blowholes on Oahu and Maui that I know, but never even been to the BIG isle! Someday… someday. Great video – thanks for sharing it.

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