Honolulu Weekly on Newspapers Fight for Survival

…”It’s a different paper than it was a year ago the way that all other papers are different,” says Advertiser publisher Lee Webber. “They’ve all been impacted by different forces, the Internet of course being one, craigslist being another, blogs being another, the whole change in communications”…

…Every newspaper employee we spoke to for this story, from publishers to reporters, predicted big changes in the industry’s business model, and all of them felt newspapers would soon end the practice of giving their content away for free online

…Had newspapers caught on that we would be at this point–that there would be people who would rather get their news from a Twitter feed than a newspaper or even a newspaper Web site–would we have done things differently? I’d like to think we would have, but we didn’t, and now here we are…

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  1. Newspapers have been hit by the convergence of technology and their own lethargy. I think there bias has played a role in their demise too.

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