A Small Hawaiian Chant… A Future Hawaiian Leader?

My just turned 5 year old son has attended three days of Kamehameha so far for their summer transitions program as he get’s ready for the next 13 years of his life at the school.

My wife and I speak absolutely NO HAWAIIAN, although my wife knows a few words and I can say the basic tourist words.

Yesterday, my son was playing with play doh and he just started chanting in Hawaiian.

I asked him to stop and start over and this is what I recorded:


2 Responses

  1. AWESOME chant! And after only 3 days. I LOVE hearing the songs the kids come back with from school. As a writer for Kamehameha Schools, I write about the 13 years of educational transition services for Hawaiian students each quarter. They have a wonderful education system, and a big part of that is more family involvement from parents and extended family (huge predictor of successful educational outcomes for students). So — GET INVOLVED and you *will* be learning Hawaiian! It sounds like an oli to acknowledge and honor the place that he is coming from? To give thanks to the people and the land that came before him?

  2. VERY impressive!!!!!!!!!! That is a long chant to have learned in 3 days! Did he tell you what it means in English?

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