I just noticed that not only did Big Island Video News change the format of their site, THEY NOW HAVE EXTENDED COVERAGE OF THE COUNTY COUNCIL COUP MEETING.

Hawaii County Council Coup Meeting

Click here to view it.

West Hawaii Today: More Ads… Less News

Anyone notice the new online layout for the West Hawaii Today?

They have switched to a four column template from a three column template.

What this does is squeezes out the news and gives room for more advertising on the front page.

More ads less news… check it out, the West Hawaii Today.

By the way, the Hawaii Tribune Herald is still at three columns, but I predict them to make the change soon.

Online ads are worth a bit more when they  stay on your front page then buried on pages underneath.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie’s Opening Remarks to “Green” Jobs Workshop in Honolulu Yesterday

Yesterday I posted the video of the teleconference of  “Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs in a Video Conference to Congressman Abercrombie’s “Green” Jobs Workshop in Honolulu Today”.

Here is Congressman Neil Abercrombie’s opening remarks.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie works with federal and state agencies and Honolulu Community College to host a workshop about preparing Hawaii’s workforce for “green” jobs and tapping federal economic recovery funding to help do it.


What is this Funky Weed? *Update* It’s an “ali`ipoe” (Mahalo Kuhao Zane)

I just noticed this funky looking weed growing in my backyard:

Weird Weed

I have heard that anything with spikes on it is a non-native plant.  This buggah has some mean looking spikes on it:

Close-up of weird weed

Does anyone know what this is?  Better yet… is it edible?


I asked what this weed was on Twitter, and less then 5 minutes later, Sig Zane’s son Kuhao responded with the answer I was looking for.

“Actually its not a weed….. Its called ali`ipoe…. Its used in the uli uli(rattle) for hula. wait for the pods to turn brown”

If anyone would know what it is… it is Kuhao. Thanks Kuhao.

Kuhao also asked the following question on twitter the other day:

“…If sig zane were to do a few totally new products, what would you like to see.”

I’d love to see a Sig Zane line of Dress Shorts come out.

Volcanoes National Park and Hydrogen-Powered Shuttles?

I previously blogged about Volcanoes National Park’s Climate Friendly Plan in April.

hydrogen Shuttle

Hydrogen Powered Shuttle Busses

Looks like more noise is being created Federally on this project as well as other Climate Friendly Park Plans.

…The National Park Service and the Environmental Protection Agency have started the Climate Friendly Parks network program to help parks address climate change. Parks must measure their amounts of emissions, come up with plans to curb them and educate the public on what they can do to help…

Visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may soon hop on hydrogen-powered shuttles

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