Update on the Hawaii Tribune Herald’s Disappearing Readers on Oahu

Yesterday, I posted about the numbers that Erika Engle posted in the Starbulletin reflecting the declining readership of Oahu readers of the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I sent Ms. Engle the following tweet asking for a bit of clarification:

Is that graph that you had on your column today accurate for the Hawaii Tribune Herald? http://tinyurl.com/ng49u8

She Tweeted back:

The figures were from Scarborough. I typed ’em in as I saw ’em. Proofread ’em too, to make sure.

So I replied:

It seems off to me. Especially looking at West Hawaii Today stats.

And she explained:

I didn’t do the research, just transcribed the numbers.

So I pretty much think the data is flawed.

They (Scarborough Research) only interviewed 1634 Oahu Residents total and then projected the numbers. That’s not a whole lot of people.

…The study involved 1,634 respondents for the projected universe of 701,036 Oahu readers…

By the way… this is the same group that says 82% of Adults on Oahu read newspapers. ;) (Might I add, they also get paid by newspaper companies to do this research… Anyone ever received a $1.00 in the mail and asked to complete a survey? It could have been the Scarborough Research company)

…Honolulu ranks high among newspaper readership, according to a survey by Scarborough Research.

Honolulu’s Integrated Newspaper Audience is 82 percent, meaning 82 percent of adults read a printed newspaper, a newspaper’s Web site or both during the past week

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  1. I once advertised in the paper online and got similar slanted stats


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