Happy Father’s Day

This especially goes out to my two younger half brothers that I was able to find after all these years because of social media.

I can’t believe I have been looking for my half brothers for so long… and all it really took was the right tools on the internet.

I haven’t seen either one in more then 25 years… but through the power of the internet… and a name change… I have found them after all these years.

I will say it again… social media is a powerful tool… I had been looking for these half brothers for more then 25 years and only reconnected w/in the last 2 years because of social media.

Me and my brothers have been reunited through social media and networking.

Me and my brothers have been reunited through social media and networking. (Picture 1975-77?)

I look forward to meeting up with Kane this summer in California as I just learned I’m now an uncle from him…


Kane (Bottom Left)

And w/in the last year or so I found out I was a 5 time uncle through my other brother-in-law Tierney.

Tierney and his wife Chandra

Tierney (Bottom Right of Brothers Picture) and his wife Chandra

It is a long story…  and the three of us are “Blood Tucker’s” and not adopted into the family.

3 Responses

  1. Damon,

    That’s great, got to keep blood close the world is pretty big and people sometimes get lost. One father to another “have a great day”.

    The Lack

  2. Happy Father’s Day Damon. Both you and your ‘ohana are very blessed. :)

    BTW- ditto on what Leslie said.

  3. How great that you are all back in touch. Wow, Hayden looks just like you did as a little boy! I cannot believe it!

    Happy Father’s Day, Damon!

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