Happy Birthday Hayden… Mahalo Montessori Country Schools

Today is my son’s 5th Birthday. Coincidentally, it was also his last day of preschool, so the kids put on a program for the parents and honored the kindergarten students that were leaving the school to go onto public schools.

Because it was my son’s birthday, they stood him up and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. When we got home… he said that was his favorite part of the program. Looking at this picture I caught of him… I can tell that he was beaming with pride.

He is the only child out of his pre-school to get selected to Kamehameha this year and they also mentioned that. I am so proud of him!

He was supposed to attend his second day of Kamehameha today, but we asked Kamehameha a few weeks ago if we could keep him out today so that he could finish the last day of his preschool and go through the program with his classmates and celebrate his birthday there.

Kids at this age often don’t realize that many of them won’t see each other again for a long time.  Many of the kids at the pre-school go off to all different schools through out East Hawaii.

It was a very happy,  yet kind of sad day.  I appreciate all the things those teachers did for my son at Montessori Country Schools.


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  1. I know I’m all late, but happy 5th birthday to Hayden!

  2. Standing tall and proud… with good reasons!!!

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