When “A Perfect Getaway” is Not So Perfect

Were having an economic crisis here in Hawaii.

I just noticed this film that is scheduled to be released in August. This definitely won’t help tourism here in the islands. I wonder if our Film Commission new the actual plot of this story before giving all the permits for them to film something like this here.

At least we know it’s fiction:

The story is based on a couple of honeymooners in Hawaii where soon they discovered that their tour guides are assassins. The film was shot in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, and is scheduled to be released on August 14, 2009


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  1. ” I can’t believe I was watching E! and an advertisement came on for the film “The Perfect Getaway” and the beloved Na Pali coast is depicted as the set. What a sad feeling came over me. Each year we travel to beautiful Kauai to hike and care for the trail–and feel so lucky to be able to help preseve this magical and increbible place that is of utmost significance. The trail is already heavily used and people do not carry out what they bring in, “accidental” fires have been set, and careless campers have been destroying its beauty.
    It is unimaginable that this film would bring anything good to the trail. Kauai is the most beautiful place in the world-it should be cherished and loved. Please don’t let its significance be the lure of tourism/greed. You will lose the tourists from many years that truly realize that Kauai is not Disney Land, a theme park or worse ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD MOVIE.

    Mahalo Nui Loa-
    outdoor girl “

  2. I just saw the trailer for “Perfect Getaway.” The plot is not the interest for me it’s the scenery. I visited the island of Kauai several years ago and know that the movie plot for “me” is implausible. I will go just to relive the amazing trip I experienced when I was there. I will return to Kauai again!!!

  3. “A perfect …” is a darn movie, nothing else. If you need
    to worry about lack of tourists, North Korea has you

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