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North Korea May Fire Missile Toward Hawaii in July

North Korea may fire a long-range ballistic missile toward Hawaii in early July, a Japanese news report said Thursday, as Russia and China urged the regime to return to international disarmament talks on its rogue nuclear program….

More Here

When “A Perfect Getaway” is Not So Perfect

Were having an economic crisis here in Hawaii.

I just noticed this film that is scheduled to be released in August. This definitely won’t help tourism here in the islands. I wonder if our Film Commission new the actual plot of this story before giving all the permits for them to film something like this here.

At least we know it’s fiction:

The story is based on a couple of honeymooners in Hawaii where soon they discovered that their tour guides are assassins. The film was shot in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, and is scheduled to be released on August 14, 2009


Dr. James Weatherford Announces His Candidacy for County Council District 5 Seat in 2010

I just noticed the following comment on Big Island Chronicle by Dr. James Weatherford:

I’m going to do it.
Trying to get something out of yesterday (after all, it was a long day and costly one for the taxpayer), I cite these two statements:

“People need to have different opportunities to serve.” J Yoshimoto
“I have just as much right as anybody else.” E Naeole

So, with that, I intend to be a candidate for the District 5 County Council seat.
After all, people need to have different opportunities to serve and I have just as much right as anybody else.

The few people I have talked with so far have been encouraging. One, whose opinion I have especial respect for, said, “YEP!” I should ‘come out’ now.

I happened to catch Dr. Weatherford a few months back at a zero waste meeting and this is what he had to say to the question “What does zero waste mean for Pahoa”.


Nose Flute Demo (Again)


Just testing my new google phone out.  Some of you may have seen this video already.

I figured out how to post videos directly from events now.

What I can do, is use my new phone to videotape live things, upload it on the fly to youtube, then send the youtube file to an email account that will automatically post to this blog.

Ah… the magic of technology!

This would work great for sound bites from say yesterday’s Council Meeting.

I simply record them live… and upload them on the spot!

House Fire in Pahoa

Just noticed this Tweet earlier from the Hawaii Red Cross from earlier today:

Big Island volunteers on scene at house fire on Maele St in Pahoa.  will meet w/ affected residents & ensure immediate emergency needs are met

First Day at Kamehameha

Today was my son’s first day of “summer transitions” at Kamehameha.

2009 06 17 06 53 45

A picture is worth a thousand words

I nearly cried when he got on the bus this morning.

Mayor Kenoi Urges a Respectful Dialogue on Mauna Kea Telescope

Media Release

Hawai’i Island Mayor Billy Kenoi today urged all parties in the debate on the Thirty Meter Telescope to engage in a respectful dialogue as the community works toward a collaborative decision on the project.

“In this time of economic hardship for many County of Hawai’i residents, it is critical that the community pull together to search for a solution that benefits our island and our neighbors,” Mayor Kenoi said. “I know that all of the participants in this discussion sincerely want the best outcome for our community, and we owe it to each other to debate the project in a reasoned, respectful way.”

While the Big Island hosts some of the most sophisticated star-gazing technology in the world, Mayor Kenoi said that until now the youth from the island have had little hope of participating in the science and discovery happening on Mauna Kea.

That will change only when Hawai’i Island students are offered exceptional science and math education at the earliest grades, Mayor Kenoi said. It is critical that any additional projects on the mountain be harnessed to provide the foundation in science education that will allow Hawai’i youngsters to grow up to be the engineers, mathematicians and physicists who make astronomy on the mountain possible.

University of Hawai’i President David McClain recently announced that the TMT would bring a community benefit package of $1 million a year to the Big Island that would help fund children’s education.

“As a parent, I want exciting science education career opportunities for our young people so they can dream big about the future,” Kenoi said. “As a Hawaiian, I believe we can preserve our culture, protect our environment and support astronomy. As your mayor, I hope to facilitate compromise and find common ground.”

Honolulu Weekly on Pahoa “Food Fight”

Alan McNarie featured Pahoa and the opposition that some residents here in Pahoa have to the new Burger King, KFC and Longs Drug’s going up at Woodland Center in an article entitled “Food Fight” that was released today by the Honolulu Weekly.

Woodland Center

…Most of Downtown Pahoa fits into two blocks: Wooden buildings that look like a Wild West movie town, complete with false fronts and covered boardwalks. The town developed a Wild West reputation during the 1970s and ’80s, when it became a counterculture Mecca, a pakalolo growing hub and a welfare center…

More here

Pakalolo in Pahoa… nah… your kidding right?  :roll:

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