Opening Up Our County Council… Public Input?

I’d like to hear of ideas of opening up government access to the general people of the Big Island.

I’ve got a few things planned for my blog in the near future following the most recent council meeting that Attorney Margaret Wille Blogged live on my blog via email posting.

Video Streaming of these council meetings would be on the top of my agenda if I could find someone that is interested in politics and could sit through these long meetings.

Opening up government to Big Island residents could easily be done… anyone want to talk?

We don’t need to be present at these meetings to make an impact.

Social media could go along way here on the Big Island and I hope our council members start to realize the importance of the fact that their actions are being watched.

Auntie Emily… you are blood to me through my marriage into a Hawaiian family… I will be talking to you soon about this as I don’t think you fully understand the repercussions of what has happened today.

Please think about your ohana and your constituents in district 5 in your new assumed “sitting duck” leadership role.

You had a real big chance today to stand up for the folks of Puna today, instead… you bowed down to politics.

No disrespect meant Auntie… but I love this Island too much to allow some crap to fly around and this pisses me off!

You were used as a political pawn today and whether you know it or not… it doesn’t matter now, the votes are in.

It is time to move on.   Your actions will be watched by your constituents here in District 5 and you know we love you… but please… Think about us in your future decisions you make.

Damon Tucker

4 Responses

  1. Kini, let me explain – for us old timers, its back to the future. We had one moment, (8 years) of fair and open government and now that book has been slammed shut once again.
    The problem in not east vs. west, its Hilo vs all other districts.
    If the people want fair and open government they’re going have to get off their butts and demand it. Otherwise, our inattention will cost us dearly; financially, and in so many other ways.

  2. Other than the usual power play that seems to be going on in the council, politics as usual, I’m not sure what the issue is here.

    Forgive my ignorance, but the money and power grabs between east and west Hawai’i have been ongoing for years.

    So, what is the specific issue that has you and Ms. Wille up in arms about? Help us understand the issue that pisses you off.

  3. Damon,
    Now that is what I call a great blog. This has been so needed here and I for one am greatful to you and others like you for bringing it to light.

    The Lack

  4. i can show you ways we used for federal agencies in the past (and won national awards for) that made the process much more open and used the internet as far back as 1997 (before buzz words like web 2.0 and social media) to keep everyone informed and on the same page and did not require folks to be at meetings to do it!

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