Opening Up Our County Council… Public Input?

I’d like to hear of ideas of opening up government access to the general people of the Big Island.

I’ve got a few things planned for my blog in the near future following the most recent council meeting that Attorney Margaret Wille Blogged live on my blog via email posting.

Video Streaming of these council meetings would be on the top of my agenda if I could find someone that is interested in politics and could sit through these long meetings.

Opening up government to Big Island residents could easily be done… anyone want to talk?

We don’t need to be present at these meetings to make an impact.

Social media could go along way here on the Big Island and I hope our council members start to realize the importance of the fact that their actions are being watched.

Auntie Emily… you are blood to me through my marriage into a Hawaiian family… I will be talking to you soon about this as I don’t think you fully understand the repercussions of what has happened today.

Please think about your ohana and your constituents in district 5 in your new assumed “sitting duck” leadership role.

You had a real big chance today to stand up for the folks of Puna today, instead… you bowed down to politics.

No disrespect meant Auntie… but I love this Island too much to allow some crap to fly around and this pisses me off!

You were used as a political pawn today and whether you know it or not… it doesn’t matter now, the votes are in.

It is time to move on.   Your actions will be watched by your constituents here in District 5 and you know we love you… but please… Think about us in your future decisions you make.

Damon Tucker

Coqui’s Complaint

"Coqui Complaint" - Submitted by Tom Lackey

"Coqui's Complaint" - Submitted by Tom Lackey

The End of the Council Meeting

I will put these notes on my blog site…. so if some did not come through .. you will be able to find there


Margaret thank you for the wonderful job you did reporting what you did.  I appreciate it very much and judging from the amount of page views this blog has had today, so have others.

I think you are ready for twitter. ;)

Hoffmann comments to Enriques

Hoffmann: to Enriques [this email may not have gone out earlier

I challenge your comparison to sports –

resumed testimony 200, 201, 202

NOt sure if this email went out …earlier
Speaker: Gregory SMITH
I oppose these resolutions.
This is a step backward to when a small handful of people controlled our county

Onishi asks to postpone this vote

This occurred after the break [email did not go out right away]

Onishi moves to postpone vote to the call of the chairman


I feel shame … you are causing me shame. If akua believes in me I

I have put this on the line and I want the vote to go forward.

Our people deserves a chance….

Dominic says Emily no can handle. Thanks Donald for supporting me.

Please just vote it down.

Onishi: okay I withdraw my motion to withdraw.

Enriques: I agree with Emily that she may not have the most finesse when she sits in the Chair running the committee. .. but what should be our concern is what is the outcome

earlier there were statements that I can not do the DPW committee chair and that Onishi can not do the finance committee

vote on reso 200

reso 200 passes-

Greenwell on Emily


I don’t get up to seat number 1 in the canoe if I can;t canoe…..

you have been going on about this Hawaiian thing. I am tired with it.

YOu should know better than to think you can do this job,, everyone on this council knows you are not up to this… and just doesn’t have the balls to say this.

if you keep pushing people down…. is it because my color is dark .

Dominic and Greenwell have been putting me down, but others in my district have been supporting me.

but I will stand by my statement that all of us are very capable ..

Pete has had a lot of opportunity and everyone here can do this.

change is sometimes difficult but provides opportunity

Dominic speaks about Emily


Emily .. I don;t think you are ready to be council vice chair … you are doing committee chair. .. Council meetings are very difficult those meetings are very difficult

Ikeda speaks in support of Emily

Ikeda: supports Emily

People say Emily can not do …. but we should give her a chance.

She cares about people.

Ikeda speaks in support of Emily


People say she can not do …. but we should give her a chance.

She cares about people.

Emily speaks

Greenweil this is all about qualification:

and Pete is very qualified … but Emily is not … and everyone here knows that….


When I went to party for police chief mahuna, akua told me that I need to cover J’s back….

just like Pilago protected Pete’s office when he was chair.

When I say “my people”, I mean people from everywhere. Kona and everywhere.

I am not into shutting anyone down.

When I go to the Kapuna program, they like me because I have heart.

I know I can do anything

I am a very busy lady …. this weekend I have two funerals and one wedding. and I went to graduations all over

L&L in Pahoa is Closed Tonight

Well I’m bummed… I’ve been watching Margaret blog her heart out and I wanted to go get some food.

Go figure… L&L is closed tonight due to some electrical problems.


Back to your regular programming.

reso 200

Brenda in support of Pete Hoffmann

Mr Hoffmann has never done anything wrong to deserve this..

He has always been calm and worked patiently with me and all of us when he

He does not complain when his legislation fails

Vote on Resolution 200

Resolution  202 is withdrawn.

Onishi moves: reso 200

Vote on Resolution 201

All yeas except Ford, Hoffmann, Yagong and Greenwell.

Yoshimoto speaks

Yoshimoto says

We all work our best. When we think about change it is many things… it can be scaring. but change also brings opportunity …but the key thing for me is giving people an opportunity ..
we are all capable. With change is scary

Onishi says

Onishi: Mr. Higa never had a chairmanship between 2006 and 2008

Brenda: Mr. Higa refused any chairmanship

Pete: Mr. Higa was offered a position but said he did not want it at this time.

Brenda: so if this is in retribution for Higa not having a chair that is not right

Emily speaks….


It is all about leadership styles… some are about aloha and some are all about fighting. Enriques and Onishi watched us these past 7 months and now see it like it is.

I have been pushed outside many times. I am an uplifter, not a push-downer. People think I am not pono; but I am pono


Enriques says:

What I want is teamwork