Want a Virus? Visit the Hawaii County Homepage

So I’m surfing around on the Hawaii County website and I click on the little hyperlink to the “Other State Links” the county is promoting… (Florida is a fun state to visit ;) )

Regional Governments, or links to what not…  I’m still trying to figure out some of these links and quite frankly… I’m not going there anymore for a while!

Anyone dare click on some of these?  I only clicked on two out of five and found something other then an official government page.

When is the County of Hawaii going to get with it?

County of Hawaii:
Home Page | Site Map | Hawaii Links


Regional Governments

County of Hawaii:
Home Page | Site Map | Hawaii Links

2 Responses

  1. How about people taking it for what you mean, considering you wrote it.

    You say, and I quote: “I’m not saying you will get a virus… .”

    But with the headline: “Want a virus? Visit the Hawaii County Webpage,” you are most certainly saying one will get a virus if they visit the county site.

    I see that when you try to visit Florida you get a site operated by that state but not its main web page. Do you, the all-knowing web site person, equate that with a virus?

    If not, then you are once again flaming the county for no good reason. Been taking tips from Reed Flickinger or Andrew Walden?

    Damon – Ouch… that hurts… Flick and Walden? Don’t they get paid to flame the county? Well the headline might be a bit misleading… but Dave… I’m not here to investigate things… I’m here just blogging about my observations.

  2. What does this post mean? What is the “something other” that you found and at which site?

    Damon – Take it for what you want it to mean. I don’t trust certain sites. Florida is an interesting state to visit. I’m not saying you will get a virus… I’m just saying to take precaution in which sites you do go to on there. I’m certainly not clicking around to all 50 states now that I know that even one of those links leads to something other then what the county says it does.

    If we can’t believe our own county web sites… who should we believe?

    Mainly, I’m ranking on the 1990’s style website. I see that the page gets updated every now and then… why not actually make these county sites user friendly?

    Why would that link even be on their in the first place? It’s a county site. I could possibly see putting other counties like Kauai, Maui, and Oahu… but other States?

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