My 5 Favorite Blogs on the Big Island and a Couple Others

When I first compiled the FBI Blogs, I was seeking the Best Blogs on the Big Island.  I didn’t realize that there were so many.

That is often the comment I hear from even the new bloggers that join the site is that they didn’t even realize there were so many good blogs on this island.

Were fairly lucky that we live in Hawaii.  We have a lot of things to blog about and a beautiful island for taking pictures.

Not only that, we have a circus County Council on island that is a great story in itself and our local papers don’t really tell the whole story, and their writers can’t write about the true feeling they feel towards the Council members w/out repercussions.

All of this makes for a great blogging community.

A Darker View blogger Andrew Cooper asked me the following comment regarding the blog I posted earlier “When Stats Don’t Add Up

“…why don’t you compile the “Big Island Top Blogs” list…”

It’s so hard to rank blogs based on anything really.  What’s newsworthy to one person might be junk to another.

But the following is a list of my Favorite Big Island Blogs to visit, and this is probably based upon the amount of times I probably click on that blog each day.

  • A Pacific View – This Buggah says he’s not a great photographer, but I think his pictures are stunning.  He seems to be posting about 5-6 pictures a week and anyone that knows me…  Knows I’m not the type of guy that would read Playboy for the articles.
"Window on the Universe" - A Pacific View: 6/2/09

"Window on the Universe" - A Pacific View: 6/2/09

  • A Darker View – This guy, just like the above guy, spends a great deal up on top of Mauna Kea.  Maybe it’s the air up there that makes them such good bloggers… or maybe it’s the fact that I always wanted a Jedi Light Saber.
"Keck Laser Guide Star Science" - A Darker View: 6/10/09

"Keck Laser Guide Star Science" - A Darker View: 6/10/09

  • The Right Blue – This blog features some of the best underwater footage I have ever seen.  Did I mention they are up for a “Blogger’s Choice 2009 Award” for Best Photography?  Why don’t you click below and show some Big Island Support:

This site was nominated for Best Photography Blog

"That's not a plastic bag, it's a Comb Jelly!" - The Right Blue: 6/9/09

"That's not a plastic bag, it's a Comb Jelly!" - The Right Blue: 6/9/09

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! – Richard Ha’s blog covers so much about so many different things, from the economy, to tourism to growing bananas and tomatoes and of course he’s a big advocate of the Thirty Meter Telescope.
"TMT is Pono" - Ha! Ha! Ha!: 6/10/09

"TMT is Pono" - Ha! Ha! Ha!: 6/10/09

  • The FBI Blogs – This might be a bit egocentric since I designed the site, however, it’s the blogs that are on there that make it such a great site.  Bloggers spread out around the entire island covering things that they choose to write about for the enjoyment of writing.  (I guess I should have put this one at the top… since it’s probably the blog I spend the most time on… even if it’s not reading it)
FBI Blogs (From Big Island) - The Big Island's Best Blogs

FBI Blogs (From Big Island) - The Big Island's Best Blogs

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  1. Damon,Thanks for the mention. We really do appreciate all the support you have given us and look forward to reading the many blogs from the Big Island on Great work! rjs

  2. Damon,
    Thanks for the list it is very helpful. I am going to look into doing the same thing for Oahu.

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