Think Global… At Least Get Mobile

So I’m on this kick to get tourist to come to Hawaii right now.   I’ve had a few people think I’m disingenuous about my venture.

Whatever,  I’m sure Ben Franklin had his doubters when it came to flying a kite and we all know that Columbus was crazy to think the world was round.

Of course if Jesus had the internet… we would all be going to heaven.

With that said, my close friends will tell you that I was one of the most Anti-Cell phone guys on the market.  I really just didn’t want to be bothered by one… as I had a land line and that was enough for me.

Then I started getting screwed by Hawaiian Tel on my telephone bill at a time when I didn’t have much money… I remember the threat… “You haven’t paid your bill… Please send money before we shut off your phone… When I was sitting there looking at the cleared check on my bank statement”.

Well for the last TWO years I have actually owned a cell phone… although I hardly use it… and I still refuse to text on it.

Well folks…  it’s not the 90’s any more… it is still the 00’s  so I figured I better get with it.

My new Google Phone... Like my Homepag?

My new Google Phone... Like my Homepage?

I figured at the cheap rate it will be… it’s worth it.

Here is the kicker… I’m not sure if I’m happy with it… and I have 14 more days to decide whether I want to keep it.

Anyone know if you will be able to slide wordpress widgets around on that new iPhone 32?

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