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The Daytime Coqui Frogs

Ok, so recently I learned that it’s only the male coqui frogs that are making all this racket here on the islands.  Of course it’s their mating call.  Maybe they should be called Horny Coqui’s.

The thing I don’t understand, is from reading many websites and looking for information on them, it says that they only really make their croaks/chirps or whatever you want to call them in the evening.

I say they are coming out earlier and earlier in the daytime.  Could coquis adapt to Hawaii’s environment in such a way that we end up listening to these pesky buggahs all the time?

This video was shot at about 4:00 today and I definitely hear a few coquis.  It only gets louder as the evening goes on.  Of course I live in an area that has a pretty bad population of them.


One Response

  1. like many myths that have been spread around hawaii about coquis they do not only call at night. in puerto rico in the rain forest you hear them calling day and night. during the day, if they are in the shade or it;s cloudy, they will call.

    also their calls here is not any different than in the rain forest in puerto rico and their populations are not that different (the “study” that was done here on the islands was extremely flawed in its methodology and would never stand up under peer review–like many things that have been published about the frog such as measuring their call db level at less than a meter, when it’s typical to take db at more realistic distances like 4 meters).

    in summary, NO the coqui’s are not adapting, they are doing what they do in puerto rico and other islands in the caribbean, it is just that the information that has been distributed about the coquis is not only erroneous but also very biased and misleading.

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