Lincoln Ashida: Why Negligent Homicide Suspects are Normally Released Pending Further Investigation

From the Desk of Hawaii Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida:

Why negligent homicide suspects are normally released pending further investigation. A very sad story was reported in our local media over the past weekend, where a one year-old child was killed in a traffic collision. The news report says the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light and collided into a vehicle occupied by the one year-old child. The Police are attributed as saying “speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.” The driver of the pickup truck is reported to have a DUI conviction from 21 years ago. The driver of the pickup truck was arrested, but not immediately charged and released pending further investigation.

Some have wondered why the driver was released without charges. Unfortunately, some in our community who have written anonymous responses to the newspaper article have already concluded this is the product of police ineptitude or corruption

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P.S. Mr. Ashida, is there a reason why your blog is formatted so “Fred Flinstone” like?

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