Big Island 43% Growth Rate By 2025

…The Big Island is expected to grow even faster. The island — identified in the study as the “Hilo area” — ranked 37th out of 250 U.S. metros, with a 43 percent projected growth rate by 2025. The Big Island is expected to grow from 164,462 residents in 2005 to 235,367 in 2025.

The forecasts are based on U.S. Census Bureau population data and existing rates of growth.

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  1. That seems absurd, given the job climate that’s going to prevail for at least the next few years. What growth industry does Hilo have? I know that some people move to Puna with the idea of living simply, but tens of thousands of new people? I don’t see it happening — moving to Hawaii is difficult and I think that most people moving here are either (a) rich, (b) retired and pretty well off, (c) young, adventurous, and confident that they can ‘get by’ or (d) have a job lined up.

    I think all of those categories (except the truly rich) are going to get hammered for at least the next five years or so.

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