FBI BLOGGERS… Please Contact Me

I need to refresh my email list and update some things I’m doing with Facebook.

If you are reading this and you contribute to the FBI Blogs site… can you please email me.

I’m going to be cutting back the RSS feeds from 4 posts to only 3 posts on Blogs that are not as active.  There is no hard feelings in doing this, I just want the FBI Site to be a site that does not have the same headlines on it every time some people visit it.

Those that are posting more then three times per week will be left at 4 feeds.

Also, those that post pictures will remain at 4.

I believe the FBI Site should be something fresh and updated often.   If anyone would like to voice their concerns about their feed being cut back to only 3 feeds please let me know.

A site with “New” news is much more pleasurable to visit then seeing the same old headlines everyday.