Aric S. Queen Meets Traci Toguchi on Rough Sundays

I’m so stoked to be the link between Aric S. Queen and Traci Toguchi.


Aric and Traci’s Twitter Pictures


They were able to get together while Aric was here in Hawaii on the So Much More Hawaii Tour and they put together the following show on the popular online radio show “Rough Sundays” where Traci was the Co-Host:

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from a ridiculous balcony in waikiki, a slight change to the show this week. co-hosted by a former miss hawaii, we’ll play a few oldies, but more current locals you should be checking out. a grammy-nominated artist walks us through ’slack-key’, the island’s most well-known dj pops in, a larger-than-life legend and much more

2 Responses

  1. Hawaii is beautiful, they must have had a great time while presenting on the radio.

  2. I enjoyed my holiday in Hawaii a few years ago a paradise it was.

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