FBI BLOGGERS… Please Contact Me

I need to refresh my email list and update some things I’m doing with Facebook.

If you are reading this and you contribute to the FBI Blogs site… can you please email me.

I’m going to be cutting back the RSS feeds from 4 posts to only 3 posts on Blogs that are not as active.  There is no hard feelings in doing this, I just want the FBI Site to be a site that does not have the same headlines on it every time some people visit it.

Those that are posting more then three times per week will be left at 4 feeds.

Also, those that post pictures will remain at 4.

I believe the FBI Site should be something fresh and updated often.   If anyone would like to voice their concerns about their feed being cut back to only 3 feeds please let me know.

A site with “New” news is much more pleasurable to visit then seeing the same old headlines everyday.

Aric S. Queen Meets Traci Toguchi on Rough Sundays

I’m so stoked to be the link between Aric S. Queen and Traci Toguchi.


Aric and Traci’s Twitter Pictures


They were able to get together while Aric was here in Hawaii on the So Much More Hawaii Tour and they put together the following show on the popular online radio show “Rough Sundays” where Traci was the Co-Host:

Click Arrow To Play Show

from a ridiculous balcony in waikiki, a slight change to the show this week. co-hosted by a former miss hawaii, we’ll play a few oldies, but more current locals you should be checking out. a grammy-nominated artist walks us through ’slack-key’, the island’s most well-known dj pops in, a larger-than-life legend and much more

How to Write a Good Post in 5 Minutes

This post is based upon the post on Wordful entitled How to Write a Good Blog in 15 minutes.


Many people know how I toss out so much content in one day at times.  I simply type fast and I suck at spelling.  I don’t care much about my grammar because I know that as long as I get the message out that needs to  get out is what is important.

Being able to cut and paste to your blog is essential when writing a blog like I write, as often times I’m cutting/pasting and linking things that can often take a lot of time if you don’t know shortcut keys.

I’ve always felt that anything and everything is worth writing about at times.  I now almost always carry my camera with me, and I’m constantly searching the internet for things that interest me.

Other times I will read other peoples blogs and get ideas from their blogs and just write about what I think my version of something should be.

I’ve never blogged to try and make money.  I’ve always just blogged things that I thought were interesting to me, and if others enjoyed reading about it… so be it.

I’ll occasionally post press releases and fliers of events of things that are posted by sent to me, but most of the time when I write a blog… I don’t think too much about it as I’m writing it.

Sometimes I’ll write a post and I’ll add pictures that I find from the internet because often times I think a pictures is worth a thousand words…

(Damn 6 minutes)

*update* geez, just read this post again and I really do suck at grammar.

Kauai Man Catches Wealthy Fish

One more for the weird and strange files:

A man on Kauai has caught what is possibly the luckiest catch of any – era a fish that has coughed up a gold watch.

Curt Carish was at a picnic with others in the vicinity of Port Allen Beach on the island of Kauai when the group of friends spied a fish clumsily swimming close to the shore, The Garden Island website reports.

Encouraged by his friends Mr Carish jumped into the water and clubbed the 10-inch fish unconscious, with a bamboo stick.

Mr Carish mentioned he had noticed the fish’s stomach appeared abnormally large…

More Here

Has it Really Been 22 Years?

Has it really been 22 years since I graduated from Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington?


I just joined Facebook, and I’m seeing all my old classmates and filtering through things.

I can tell this is going to be a new habit like myspace was when I first joined it. Now I haven’t even checked myspace in a long time and rarely do.

Are you on Facebook? You know my name.

Tonight: First Saturdays Soiree at the Pahoa Museum

soiree general-1