Some of the Finest Art in the World Can Be Found Right Here on the Big Island

waikoloa 076

Were very fortunate on the Big Island that we have many art galleries and even a few museums.

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Many locals don’t know that one of the best places to look at art is actually at some of the local hotels.

waikoloa 090

I spent Monday evening and Tuesday at the Hilton Waikoloa Village meeting with the So Much More Hawaii bloggers to discuss a few things and just network with them and basically give them some Big Island “Aloha”.

waikoloa 098

While my main mission was to check out the bloggers from the mainland, if you haven’t been reading I was also there for another purpose.

waikoloa 104

Every year for the last 3 years my wife and I would get put up at the hotel for about a week because of a major conference that she participated in and each time she would bring me along for the ride.

waikoloa 139

The first time I went, I only had one of those kodak disposable cameras and it seemed like many of the pictures I took turned out like junk.

waikoloa 159

The next time I went, I forgot to bring my camera.

waikoloa 201

The last time I went, I spent so much time playing with my son in the pools, that I forgot all about taking pictures.

waikoloa 178

So I told myself the next time I ever went… I would make it a point to take as many pictures of everything and anything that I could.

waikoloa 151

I could have listed all the pictures on one blog posting, but then that would have made for a boring post.

waikoloa 185

So I decided I break them down into categories and blog a little bit about some of the pictures and then just add the rest on galleries below.

waikoloa 186

If you haven’t gotten the jist of what this post is about…  well it is just some of the beautiful art you can find around the hotel.

waikoloa 184

You need to remember this is a huge hotel and I really only had very little time to take as many pictures as I really wanted too.

waikoloa 229

I wish I would have taken pictures of the little cards next to each piece of art so that I could remember what everything was…

waikoloa 225

But I was on a mission to get as much photographed as I could in a limited amount of time.

waikoloa 171

I’m adding this picture below as it’s not in the hall and it’s not really outside, but I kept passing this gorgeous piece on my way to my room each time I went to or from my  room.

waikoloa 047

The greatest thing about this art, is that it is open to the public… so anyone could just go grab a bite at one of their many excellent restaurants and see the art while your there.

waikoloa 209

You can click below for a larger picture of just some of the great art I was able to take a picture of.

More to come

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