Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Starts Blogging

Hat tip to RJ Mendoza over at O/S Hawaii for finding out that the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce has started blogging and the key word here is “Hot Topics – The HICC Blog“.

Hawai'i Island Chamber of Commerce

I was stoked to find out that they personally pinpointed Tiffany’s blog as well as my blog out in only their 2nd post.  Honestly folks, this is a site that I have not set up and did nothing to prompt the following in the post “Business People – to Blog or Not to Blog“:

…spend some time checking Tiffany Edwards’ Big Island Chronicle and Damon Tucker’s Blog. Whether you agree or not with the posts, it will keep you looped into the information cycle…”

Now if the Waikoloa posts that I’ve been making are making people think I’m “On the take” or something… I’m sure this one will really rattle a few feathers.

Honestly folks… I wish I was getting money for blogging the posts that I get. Quite simply I don’t get money for the posts that I post. But if someone wants to advertise on one of my little columns or up top… you certainly are welcome to.

I will be following the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce blog and see if it’s something I want to link to in the future. I hope they keep it active.

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