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Mahalo Traci! The Power of Twitter

Holy Cow! I’m now a firm believer in Twitter.

At first I was a bit hesitant about a message board system where you could only use 140 character messages that went away into twitterland after you were pau sending them.

When I first joined, I only added a few people that I knew and then a few names that sounded local.  After I gained a bit more confidence I started adding a few more local sounding names that other people were following.  Slowly but slowly I started adding more and more local people and more and more people began following me.

One of the “local” sounding names I started to follow was somebody by the name “Traci Toguchi“.   The name sounded local and I liked what it said on her “Twitter Bio”

  • Bio Renaissance Chick: singer, actor, marketing strategist, evolving web developer, interested in all things tech, arts, food, green/organic, entrepreneur

I didn’t really think anything of it and I just continued on as I normally do on twitter watching people and seeing what they are doing, and just being niele in general. That’s what Twitter is all about right?

Well I can’t remember exactly what I said to Traci, but I said something and we started tweeting back and forth for a few days. Finally I thought to myself who is this and actually looked at her website on her twitter site.

I was stunned to learn that I was “tweeting” with former “Miss Hawaii” Traci Toguchi.


Well I continued to joke around with her about life and just things in general.  I find out that after the Beauty pageant she has gone on to do many things like become an Actress where she was on Lost.

Here is just a list of some of her entertainment highlights:

• Recording Artist/Songwriter/Publisher, including writing and singing the theme songs for “Better” (U.S. syndication) and “More” national TV shows

• Hoku Award nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year

• Miss Saigon Broadway tour cast member

• Actor in TV and films including Lost, Hawaii, BlackMale, The Karate Kid Part II, CDW Technology national commercials

• National Anthem Singer on ESPN live worldwide broadcasts. Won talent competitions including Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem, New York.

So as I’m continuing to learn twitter, I find out about the So Much More Hawaii Bloggers that are coming here from the mainland.

Well immediately I hit it off with one of them named Aric S. Queen.

Some dude and Aric kicking back on the couch at the Waikoloa

Some dude and Aric kicking back on the couch at the Waikoloa

I’ll be blogging more about Aric in the future as he is about to embark on a cool project himself.  His twitter profile reads:

Original Executive Producer of ChinesePod.com, The Shanghai Show, The Shanghai Diaires, Rough Sundays and more. I’m about to try a travel + Twitter project…

Well Aric put out a notice on Twitter saying he was looking for local talent while he was here in Hawaii to be on one of  his shows coming up on his online podcast radio show that goes out world wide called “Rough Sundays“.

I did a cyber introduction between the two of them and I can now confirm that Traci will be on an upcoming show.

The next thing you know she tells me if I give her my address she will send my family an autographed picture of her!   I was like no way… for real!!!

I forgot all about it and then just yesterday I got a little package in the mail.  She not only is sending me an autographed picture of her… she sent me a copy of her new CD entitled Traci Toguchi “Feel the Breeze”.

My son is fan already!

My son is a "Traci" fan already!

To make a long story short, I’ve made two really cool friends in the last few days that I’m stoked to have had the chance to assist them with things the way I can. I just noticed Traci even linked my blog to her “Kewl News” section (THANKS TRACI)

As soon as Aric’s Podcast is available I’ll link to that. In the meantime, here is a little message and nice song from Traci:


So you folks are thinking big deal… so what… you got a free autographed CD from someone famous because of Twitter… Well that’s not the only thing that Twitter has brought my way.

Last night, I got a free night at the nicest hotel in all of Hawaii the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel where I got a chance to personally meet and spend time with Aric.

View from front of hotel room

View from front of hotel room

I’ll be posting more about the hotel and my time spent with Aric a little later as he’s about to embark on something big himself.

Here’s a couple pictures from the Hotel and I’ll blog more on that adventure later!

The Cave Pool

The Cave Pool

The stairs where Dog the Bounty Hunter got married

The stairs where Dog the Bounty Hunter got married

Mainland Bloggers Visit the Seafood Bar in Kawaihae

waikoloa 247

Everyone around the world knows that the economy is tanking right now, and with the economy tanking Hawaii’s tourism has taken a real big hit.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is being creative and thinking outside of the box so to speak in looking for new ways to bring tourist to the Islands.

The most recent project, So Much More Hawaii has brought well known bloggers from the mainland to visit the islands and blog about their experience in real time via the internet using their blogs, twitter, and other forms of Social Media.

waikoloa 246

Last night I had a chance to catch up with the group at the Seafood Bar in Kawaihae.

waikoloa 017

They were a gracious group of folks that invited all of us that wanted to “Tweet” up with them to sit right down with them.

waikoloa 007

Of course there were a few local online folks there as well.  Baron Sekiya, Charles Bohannan and Laura Kinoshita showed up to give some aloha to the bloggers.

Fellow Blogger Stalkers Laura and Baron

Fellow Blogger Stalkers Laura and Baron

Cilantro Media Event Coordinator  MJ Miller was the coordinator of this trip and has done a great job in keeping them on “Hawaii Time”.

waikoloa 006

Here is MJ discussing the purpose of this So Much More Hawaii Tour:


Of course all of this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Christine Lu and her adorable son Kyle.

Christine and Kyle

Christine and Kyle

It was a great “Tweet Up” and I just wish I had as nice as a camera as Baron (Below in the white shirt)

waikoloa 022

Blogger Jim Turner discusses some of the events that he has done on the islands.


After dinner was consumed, the bloggers were rushed off to the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel.  I’ll write more about this in a little while.

You can click below for a larger picture of the pictures from dinner at the Seafood Bar in Kawaihae:

So Much More… To Catch Up On

I just got back from a great night with the So Much More Hawaii Bloggers from the mainland.

waikoloa 003

Now I have So Much More to catch up on now.

It was a great evening.  Look for an upcoming post in a few hours with the pictures and videos of the last 20 or so hours spent at one of the most beautiful hotels in the worldThe Hilton Waikoloa Village.

waikoloa 238

How I ended up at the hotel itself could be a whole story in social media and networking in itself… Thank you Twitter.

A glance left from my lanai

A glance left from my lanai

A glance right from my lanai over looking the dolphins

A glance right from my lanai over looking the dolphins

I need to pick up my son and catch up on some other things first.

I will be writing a very lengthy blog this evening as I’m downloading movies and trying to figure out which of the many pictures of this gorgeous place to actually use on my blog… and which to just leave in a gallery.

There is just so much art all over the place, there was no way that I could even begin to capture it all.

It was great to meet some of the more well known bloggers in this world and each one of them has a great story to tell.

Right now, I have to catch up on some things… because there is SO MUCH MORE HAWAII things to do right this second.