Lincoln Ashida on Golf at Conference: “Nothing to Do With Conference… “

It has nothing to do with the conference. That’s why it occurs after the conference adjourns. Golf participants pay their own costs. I’m not a golfer so I normally don’t take leave like some others, and I just come back to Hilo. I’m normally wiped out by then. But many who participate in this golf social event say it is an excellent networking activity.

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Thanks for the quick response Mr. Ashida.

I actually do believe in networking as excellent use of our tax money, not sure if doing it on the golf course of one of the nicest golf courses in the state is the proper place to do it though.

I’m not sure why you are trying to justify this as a Networking Activity since they are paying for the rounds of golf themselves.

I knew I should have gone to law school. ;)

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  1. Maybe since the hotel is so far under-assessed tax wise, they could give county workers free rooms and golf. Room service, too.

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