Ahh Shucks… Blogs Called Off at Hawaii Corporation Counsel Conference… Staff Still Paid to Go on Our Tax Dollars… Golf at 12

I just received the following email from Hawaii County Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida regarding the conference at the Waikoloa in August, after asking details about the Blogging section of the conference.

Mr. Tucker,

The session on blogs did not make it to our final agenda.  Each year we have to pare our agenda down given the limited time slots at our conference, even if we run concurrent seminars.

This is the seventh year we are hosting this conference; we patterned instruction after the National College of District Attorneys (I was a member during my service as a prosecutor); each year our outstanding faculty donate their services pro bono in order to keep costs down.  We also do not burden our County general fund by any additional appropriations or requests for money; the conference for our staff is funded through a revolving account we established a few years ago. We also rely heavily on significant personal monetary contributions from the appointed staff in our office.

This conference has become the premier training in the State of Hawai‘i for government attorneys and administrative staff, and I thank you for writing about it on your website.


So just curious what a round of golf on a Friday afternoon has to do with our tax dollars? Will this be on State Time?

GOLF (8/28/09 – 12:00 p.m.):
Please contact Gerald at Gtakase@co.hawaii.hi.us or 961-8251, if you would like to participate.

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