Nae’ole Aquatics Complex and KSBE “Transitions” Final Day

Sign on the pool at KSBE Keaau campus

Sign on the pool at KSBE Keaau campus

Today was the final day of my son’s two week Kamehameha Schools “Transition period”.  This is the time when the kids that are admitted to KSBE as Kindergartners get an orientation to the school and learn the basics about what the school is about.

The kids and the parents had a pool party today.

The Olympic size swim pool before the kids jumped in

The Olympic size swim pool before the kids jumped in

I mentioned the other day that my son got sick so since Friday we have kept him home.

We were only planning on bringing him there to say bye to his classmates until the “Real” Schooling starts in August and to contribute to the potluck and grab a bite to eat.



As soon he saw all the other kids swimming… he immediately got sad and wanted to go swimming.  I felt like a terrible father not letting him swim… so I told my wife I was going home to get his bathing suit so that he could swim at least for a little while.  My wife wasn’t happy…. but my son sure was!

"I got my way!"

"I got my way!"

The pool area is pretty sweet, even the bathrooms and changing areas were nice… and did I mention they have a Hot Tub!

The kids stayed out of the hot tub today.

The kids stayed out of the hot tub today.

After that, we went downtown to pick up his school uniforms.

Mill School Uniform Store downtown

Mill School Uniform Store downtown

Of course my wife and son were taking their sweet time trying on all sorts of clothes so I did the typical guy thing and bailed out and went and took the following pictures.

The beach next to the singing bridge

The beach next to the Wailuku humming bridge

And of course what blog on the Big Island wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the Hilo’s infamous humming Wailuku Bridge.

The Wailuku "Humming" Bridge

The Wailuku "Humming" Bridge

Hawaii Chapter of the SPJ Honors Cartoonist Corky Trinidad

Dave Briscoe, president of Hawaii Chapter of the Society of  Professional Journalists (SPJ), gives a tribute to Corky Trinidad during the annual awards banquet June 26, 2009, at the Dole Ballrooms. Then, Briscoe presents a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award to Trinidad’s son Lorenzo and wife Hana.


Anyone notice that the Star-Bulletin has been putting clips on youtube?  I find it ironic that I’m the first viewer of this clip and readers of this blog can view it before the Star-Bulletin readers can.

The Big Island Weekly was using youtube as well… but as I look at the number of views each clip had… I sure hope they didn’t invest a lot of money into that venture and it doesn’t look like they have been adding much of late at all.

Congresswoman Hirono Supports Courageous Women in Iran

Congresswoman Hirono recognizes Neda, a brave young woman who was shot and killed while joining Iranians in Tehran who were demonstrating against the presidential election results.



I was coming back from shopping at the mall today around 3:30, and I saw the following truck at the corner of the KTA/Prince Kuhio Mall Intersection.


Apparently he didn’t tie down all these steel brackets very well.  They were spilled across two lanes and traffic was a mess because of it.

Japan’s Majestic Emperor Akihito and Emperess Michiko on the Big Island in July

Japans Majestic Emperor Akihito and Emperess Michiko will begin a tour of Canada and the United States in two days.

In a few weeks, they will be spending one day on the Big Island.

Here is the itinerary for Their Majesties Emperor and Emperess of Japan’s visit to Canada and the US.   As you can see they will be spending the last day of the tour here on the Big Island.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

Some have speculated why they are coming here to the Big Island, but the following was recently announced:

…Akihito and Michiko will then visit Hawaii to attend ceremonies to mark the 50th anniversary of a scholarship foundation which was founded to commemorate the couple’s wedding.

Senator Daniel Inouye Speaks at the 20th Anniversary Tribute of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Recipient of the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Senator Daniel Inouye (D- Hawaii) speaks at the 20th Anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 and his experience in the 442nd Regimental Combat team.


Sample… Sample…

Mehana and Friends

Mehana and Friends

So I mentioned the other day that local Big Island Brew Company Hawaii Nui Brewing will be sponsoring this blog.

Hawaii Nui Brewing

I guess before I seal the deal… I need to figure out which premium beers of theirs is my favorite.

cash and carry

Pahoa Cash & Carry

I’m fortunate that Cash & Carry here in Pahoa happens to be the only place in Pahoa that carries the Hawaii Nui Brews, AND they will sell them by the individual bottle.  You can find a list of places they sell them throughout all of the Hawaii Islands here.

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Mehana Hawaii Lager

Tonight I picked up three singles of three different types of their beer.  I’m sampling the Mehana Hawaii Lager tonight.

It’s a great tasting beer, but before I jump to conclusions and say this is the one for me… I will be trying all of their beers before I figure out which one I want to go with.  Knowing me… I’ll probably like them all and won’t be able to decide!

*Update* Proof That Rats Eat Coqui Frogs


Cartoon Courtesy of Tom Lackey

coqui complaint

Newly Crowned Miss Hawaii 2009 Raeceen Woolford on the “KC and Taka in the Morning Show”

KC & Taka interview Raeceen Woolford – Miss Hawaii 2009. Taka attempts to answer a question from the pagent.


Big Island BookBuyers Hosting Children’s Book Exchange

Childrens books will be available for exchange from now until August 30th, 2009 at Big Island BookBuyers in Pahoa.


How it works:

If you have any books that you would like to exchange, bring in up to 3 books and trade them for 3 more books.

The first time exchanging: If you do not haver your own books to exchange, you may take books without having a trade.  This is only good the first time; after that you’ll need to return 3 books in order to take 3 books.

The books will be traded for other books delegated to the exchange program; the exchange program will not include all the books in the store.

Inside Big Island BookBuyers

Inside Big Island BookBuyers

BookBuyers is located in Pahoa Village (across the streets from teh banks)

Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 am – 6 pm; Sun – Noon – 5 pm.

Questions, please call 854-6681 or check out

Kilima Hawaiians and the Historic Hawaii Video

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people asking about the video I posted a while back on the Historic Hawaii Footage from 1916.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I do recommend you take a few minutes to view it.


I had been wondering who played that song that was being played in the background of the video when the Train is going through the islands and I finally received the following comment:

FYI, This video language is not German, but actually Dutch. That is why Ronny Temme above from Amsterdam, the Netherlands asked how this video was acquired. This film clip was made by a Dutch film crew. Remember, that the Dutch were in the Pacific for 350 years, if not longer because Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies up until just after WWII when Indonesia gained its independence from the Dutch colonists. Dutch merchant marine shipping was in it’s hey day, although Hawaii was not frequently visited. Hawaiian music was however very popular in the time of the Dutch East Indies. Coy Pereira was a popular Hawaiian musician and can be viewed on You Tube.

Just a little piece of history.



So after looking on youtube for Coy Pereira clips I found out a little bit more about the group that he was part of called the Kilima Hawaiians.

45 years as a band gave them a place in the guiness book of records some time ago.Here they are in a steel guitar meeting in 1989
Coy Pereira, Mary Buisman, Luut Buisman, Bill Buisman and Coy’s son.


This is the second clip from Oudewater (The Netherlands) where the Kilima Hawaiians performed.
This song is called Tigershark


Honolulu Star-Bulletin Refuses Anti-Obama Ad Because “…it is political”

I can’t verify the story that is posted below. I’m just passing along something I read.

I’m sure the Star-Bulletin probably turns down a lot of ads… I wonder how long they will be in Business? $7,000 probably could have paid the salary of two staff members for a couple of months.


Despite offering the full rate of $7,168.50 plus taxes for a full-page, color ad on page 2 of the news section of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin next Monday, the copy was rejected – the latest turn down by a growing list of media companies that won’t touch the birth certificate issue even for money.

I spoke to my publisher and unfortunately we cannot accept the ad because it is political,” explained Cyd Kamakea, classified advertising manager…

More Here

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Become Sanctioned Sport in Hawaii Beginning Wednesday

BJ Penn's Training Ring in Hilo

BJ Penn's Training Ring in Hilo

An island that’s long had a tradition of prizefighting — with some accompanying crowd melodrama that’s sometimes turned public officials cool to the idea — Hawaii has put up with MMA in the same manner as a neighbor might put up with a nuisance kid.

Effective Wednesday, the sport will be a sanctioned, licensed event with rules and regulations that mirror Nevada’s…

More Here

Penn Training and Fitness Center on Kinoole St. in Hilo, Hawaii

Penn Training and Fitness Center on Kinoole St. in Hilo, Hawaii

I stopped by BJ Penn’s Academy in January before his fight with George St. Pierre and blogged about my visit there here.

3.4 Earthquake Shakes Haleakala Summit on Maui

A minor earthquake occurred at 8:39:15 PM (HST) on Sunday, June 28, 2009 .
The magnitude 3.4 event occurred 4 km (3 miles) SSW of Haleakala Summit, Maui.
The hypocentral depth is 4 km ( 2 miles).

More here


Prime… It’s All About the Rib

Last nights dinner was “It’s All in the Legs“.  Tonights Dinner is all about the Rib… The Prime Rib!


Tonight, my ohana went to Hokulani’s Steak House in Keaau.

This was the first time I had been there and I had heard nothing but good things about this place.


They have both indoor seating and outdoor seating.


They  have 4 seperate sizes for their Prime Rib that they are known for.  A 7 ounce cut, a 12 ounce cut, a 16 ounce cut and the Big Kahuna the 32 ounce cut.  I only ordered the 16 oz cut.

hoku 16 oz prime rib

A great time was had by our ohana and in continuing with the weeks worth of good food… tonight also was a Birthday for an Aunt.


So Happy Birthday Auntie Pikake and Mahalo to Uncle Thomas for sponsoring our whole family to an awesome dinner.

Wish you  could have been with us uncle… but we know you are hard at work for your ohana!

I have to say…  that this is one of the better restaraunts that I have eaten at in East Hawaii in a long time!

Here We Go Again

Just a reminder to some readers of my blog, please do not think that my personal votes go to any particular politician because of a flier that I put on my blog.

I’m simply trying to get as much information out as possible on ALL CANDIDATES.

Neil Abercrombie Banner


Neil’s campaign for governor keeps rolling along and everyday he is getting more determined because of the outpouring of support and the strong desire for change in Hawaii. I talked to him on the phone last night after he returned from President Obama’s Congressional luau and his spirits could not be higher.

There are three things we wanted to share with you:

1. Beat the June 30 Deadline

The campaign finance reporting period ends on June 30. That means there is still time to make a donation and be part of the first quarter fundraising report. As you may know, these reports are scrutinized by the news media and others to gauge momentum. You can help send a signal that Hawaii wants change. The amount we will have raised is one thing, but the number of donors we will report is truly astonishing. In three months we already have over 500 donors.  That’s an amazing accomplishment and a sign that a true grassroots movement is brewing. Please consider adding to that momentum today by making an online donation of $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can manage before June 30.

Make an Online Donation

2. Neil and President Obama

Yesterday, before the White House luau, Neil received a call from President Obama regarding the important climate change legislation being considered by the House of Representatives and how it might impact Hawaii. You can read an article about the exchange and hear Neil’s thoughts about the conversation. You can also hear Neil’s reflections on the luau, which he posted on Twitter. For more, read the post on Neil’s homepage.

3. Dinner 2.0 with Kelly Hu

On Saturday, June 27 at 5pm, watch a live webcast conversation between Neil’s campaign volunteers and Hawaii’s own Kelly Hu.  The actress and political advocate campaigned with Neil for then-candidate Obama. Participate in a live chat, listen to reflections on becoming politically active, and get more ideas about organizing for Neil’s gubernatorial campaign. For more information, go to Neil’s homepage at

Thank you so much for staying in touch with this important election for Governor.


Bill Kaneko
Campaign Manager

It’s All in the Legs

Tonight’s dinner… It’s all in the legs:

2009 06 27 18 31 19

I love King Crab… and I’m beginning to actually like it more then “Dunegeoness” crab.

Tonights Grinds - Alaskan King Crab and Chinese Food

Tonights Grinds - Alaskan King Crab and Chinese Food

For the next few nights, we have Ohana that has come in from the mainland, as well as some Ohana that will be leaving for the mainland.

Food is a great way to bring us all together… and let me tell you, we sure know how to clean house on the King Crab!

Small Pile

Small Pile

I was so stuffed on crab legs… that I couldn’t even eat dessert.



I have to wonder if people are going to protest Ulupono the way they are complaining about Woodland Center.

Every little shopping center seems to have some restaurant.

2009 06 27 16 49 27

I think the actual square footage of this will probably be bigger then Woodland Center I believe.


What many people can’t see from the main highway… is the excavation looks like it has already begun.


Arakaki Leads Team in Assisting Phillipines Orphanage

Former state Rep. Dennis Arakaki (standing second from left) and the members of the group from Hawaii with their hosts in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.  Photo:

Former state Rep. Dennis Arakaki (standing second from left) and the members of the group from Hawaii with their hosts in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan. Photo:

The “Feed and Read to Lead” program of the Sta. Barbara Police in Pangasinan, which aims to instill the love of reading among children and promote the appreciation of our national heritage through supplemental feeding, gained support from a group of Americans from Hawaii.

The group from Hawaii, led by Dennis Arakaki, a 25-year veteran of the State Legislature, donated funds for the construction of classrooms in Sapang and continued their support for Kalinga ng Ama shelter, an orphanage for abandoned and abused children under Christ Our Life Ministries…

…Arakaki and his team of 10 went on a two-week tour in Bacolod, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, and Manila. It was their ninth visit to the Philippines, but the first time to partner with police in a community project.

“We are very thankful to the group of Congressman Arakaki and we hope our message of gratitude reaches their communities back in Hawaii,” said Sta. Barbara Police chief Superintendent Eric Noble.

Previously, Noble’s wife Cecilia, currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Sociology at the University of Hawaii, worked with Arakaki on a project for the disabled in Honolulu…

Full Article Here

When Blogging Becomes Your Job… or NOT!

I’ve had a few people ask me why I removed a few blogs from the FBI Blog site.

I will reiterate that the FBI Blog site was set up for folks who want to post their own thoughts.  Not thoughts of others, not thoughts that could be paid for, and not thoughts that are sponsored.

When you start accepting money from folks and then allow them to post on your site… it becomes a very slippery slope that becomes a very difficult turn to get back to the reality of the world of blogging your own thoughts without pissing off sponsors.

People then ask… Well you have ads on your blog does that create a conflict of interest?

Well of course I have ads on my blog… it’s my blog!  However, I don’t blog about things other then things that interest me.  If my advertisers/sponsors choose to quit advertising on my blog then so be it!

My blog has always been my blog… and not something to profit from.  Now that it has more then 3 readers a day… I figure I could make my blog a win/win situation while I’m unemployed now.

I certainly can’t take cash for anything… as I’d hate for my blog to become a job.  My blog is a hobby!

I will say it once again…  I will not allow random google ads, and I will not suffice what I blog about because of my advertisers.

I’m currently working with Hawaii Nui Brewing to create a “Sponsorship” of this blog so that I can give free beer away to friends that drink it and keep a full fridge for myself when I choose to put a brew down.

So if you start reading me talking bullshit about Budweiser, Miller Lite, and Coors and talking good stuff about our local beers… you will know why!

I feel 100% positive about adding sponsors to my blog and not taking cash for putting their ad on my blog.

I’m a big believer in social networking and I think the Big Island has a lot to give to this world.

I’m willing to work with any local company during this economic downturn to help local companies increase their profits.  I believe it’s a win/win situation.

Farmers markets around the world are based on bartering systems.

Think local, support local, buy local… but go GLOBAL!

Click per ad… bah humbug!

Give something away you like to do… hopefully something will come back in return.  If you don’t give… you won’t receive.

Think about it folks… My blog is my blog… I don’t have to open up my “Diary of Thoughts” to the world.  I have chosen to do it… my as well get compensated for some of my stupid thoughts… even if it’s a beer or two!

Mahalo to Hawaii Nui Brewing for becoming a “Sponsor” of my blog.

Some folks think that writing a blog and then getting people to link to your site and then click on your ad is the way to go for advertising.

I’ve always felt… be honest… write what you know… speak from  your heart and just do what you want to do.

If you blog to get paid… it isn’t going to work.

Be yourself and look global.